Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How can I stay indoors?

The garden is calling me out and I cannot resist.
And why should I? Didn't we work diligently to bring all this beauty to live here? Yup. So I find myself wandering with my tea out to the pond in the morning to watch the water lilies open with the encroaching sun. When the new leaves pop up they are a deep magenta, and then slowly change to green. The lily itself is very light regulated and at cocktail time it slowly closes and recedes for the night. Our frogs are so happy to have lily pads to rest upon and it is a riot watching them mount them, which isn't always easy. Often a frog will push at the edge and the pad will move around like a pool toy, until he can finally climb on. The pad then begins to sink below the surface with the frog's weight. The little guys do better, but most of the frogs are long past little guy status.

The Asiatic lilies in the front garden are just opening and are a different variety than the Stargazers in the pond garden. Still very fragrant. And HUGE.

More exotic daylilies are opening in the side shade garden. A lovely pale peach double.

And an almost white one with lime green throat. Someone spent a lot of time and energy developing these beauties, and far be it from me to just nod Hello and go back inside. I have a good book to read and a comfy chair under a tree. That'll be my day today.

I deserve it.

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  1. I sat in the White River gardens waiting for an hour one day for the lilies to open there. When they first open it is like they are lit from within. They are absolutely beautiful!
    The frogs remind me of myself trying to get on an air mattress... not exactly graceful and forever in the attempt, but so totally worth the effort... just floating around in the sun!

  2. OH Boy!! You deserve the nice quiet time in the chair in the garden with a good book. Inspirations will probably sneak in for paintings and quilts.


  3. Sounds lovely. And I have frog envy!

  4. Sounds marvelous, but I am too much with the work, work, work. But sitting under a tree and soaking it all in, that sounds heavenly. I'll put that on my list of things to do! =)

  5. Any update on the fish?

  6. Yes you DO deserve it - enjoy!

  7. The pink of the water lily is just out of this world. Are you sure this is a photo and not something you created?


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