Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Pre-Reveal

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For a long time things have been in an unfinished state. I have been patient to a certain extent, but every now and then I go nuts and have to find some way to feel that I have a handle on things. That usually means organizing a closet, cleaning out the potting shed, or really washing and putting away all the clothes. Something to make me feel like I have control.

Dave has been gone playing baseball a lot and having a wonderful time, for which I am grateful, and when he is home he mulches the yard. For. A. Month. It is finally done. It looks weird and wonderful at the same time. People, you have to see the BIG PICTURE. This mulch-y yard will be a wonderful garden like this:


When we have made the new beds, there will be pathways of decomposed mulch, not bothersome grass which has to be weed-whacked etc.

I lifted this picture from The Empress of Dirt, my garden Guru. Thank you so much Melissa. These pictures gave me courage to persevere.

Our yard is the one spot with enough light to grow sun loving plants and it was just dumb grass. We already know how fast this mulch disintegrates, so while it looks kinda nutty at the moment, it will make sense in the long run. And who cares? I mean really?



And then…THE STUDIO IS DONE!!!! image

image image image image

Of course I still need to get the tape off the light fixtures and hang the artwork, which I will do later today. But as you can imagine, there are great sighs of relief coming from this room. Thanks to Keith, Ken and Mark of All-Craft for the job well done.

I can’t explain what a drought of creativity I have been in while this has gone on. Not just the renovation, but also just walking and standing has been an issue. Now I am going to the knee doctor for my last visit, and I have only two more physical therapy sessions and I am good to go!

So everything that has been percolating has finally culminated in all this GOODNESS. Good Garden, Good Studio, Good Leg. I am so thankful!


  1. Wowsers! What a transformation--inside and out! Your vision and creativity came to the rescue, and now you can reap the rewards! Way to go, Mel (and Dave!).

  2. Oh it really turned out beautifully! I can't wait to see photos of your work on the walls, it will really look like home then! =)

  3. It looks wonderful! Get that knee functioning properly!

  4. You two make me feel like I don't do anything with my time! I look forward to seeing more of your gardens as they shape up, and lots of art on your studio walls. Have fun!

  5. OOOHHH!!! 2 fabulous BLANK SLATES! WAITING for your artistic process!!! Fabulous! You are going to make some incredible works of art - inside and out!!!!!

  6. Well,Mel, things just take time.
    During a trip to the ER I had a doctor tell me - after I let him know I was 'waiting' for a release from the admitting doctor -he said: "there's waiting, and there is waiting". Meaning, I suppose, one can wait impatiently or one could wait for what only time will take care of.
    This may not be apropos but it does help me at times.

  7. I am in love with your studio space and light and a fire place to boot!
    It will be unbelieveable once you hang your art. Congratulations on
    your vision becoming a reality.

  8. How fantastic! Can't wait to see the first thing you decide to create inside your smashing "new" studio space! Maybe it should just be a meditation room -- HAH... not! Hang in there about The Knee... but it sounds like you will get some relief once you're through with the PT.


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