Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pre Op Craziness

OK here's how my day has gone.

8:30 am CST we leave home  for my EKG at 10:30 Eastern in Hixson, where we will stay overnight,  and just prior to leaving I decided that it would be OK for Dave to go to Atlanta to play baseball tonight, since he can be back to the hotel by 1 am-ish.

So it takes less than 15 minutes to get my EKG and we’re out of there. Then I want to get a timer somewhere, since Dave forgot to pack his, and as you know, we need to wake him up for meds. We have a late breakfast at Panera where he emails his buddy Larry that he WILL  be playing ball after all, my surgery be damned.

Then we go to our hotel just to see where it is, and it isn't there. Wha??? Well the address I plugged into Google didn't bring us to the place, so we went back to Panera to go online again to find out where the H our hotel is. Found it was just around the bend from Panera, so close we could see it.

But we didn't go to it.

We decided to try to find the surgery center first, which we did, only 18 minutes away. Then on the way back to Wal-mart for the timer I decide to see where Larry lives so maybe Dave can drop me off at the hotel and then drive to Larry's and then they can drive down to Atlanta together. Are you following me?

We take a wrong turn and go west instead of east but before too long I realize my mistake and then get us turned around and we arrive at Larry's 2 hours before Dave is supposed to show up. Still, I decide to leave him with Larry and I took the car, leaving Larry to get Dave back to me after the game. I pray.

On to the hotel to check in and call Dave with our room number. The hotel is not accessible from the road I go down and after going around the block twice I see where the entrance might be, and voila I am here. I had to call the hospital before 3pm and it is now 3:25, so I hurry to call and find that I left the number back down three floors in the back of the car. So back out to get it, race upstairs, and call. The hospital gal didn't get the EKG yet, so she has to call the first hospital for that. She'll call me right back, Don't call anyone else, she says. O gee. 45 minutes go by and no reply, So I look up Larry's number online and call his house, and leave a message that the hotel is not EASY TO FIND, what room I am in and the phone number of the hotel. Then I call Dave's cell and get his voicemail which I am certain he doesn't know how to access. I just want to save them the trouble of trying to find the stupid hotel in the dark in the middle of the night.

OK I did what I could and decide to take myself out for dinner. Thinking I need to lose weight I decide to go to back to Panera, but instead drive into Rib and Loin and have a big pulled pork dinner. What the heck.

I did all this because Dave was so looking forward to playing baseball… and now I can have the remote to myself.

Update: 5:45 pm. The game is called due to wet field (they had the rain too) and Dave is here with me, in the shower, wiped out from batting practice. Sigh. All is well.


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    It's a little late now, but GPS would have solved some of your problems. I tell you, my life has been truly changed by 2 things: GPS and dvr. I hope the surgery goes well. Been there, done that. claudia

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Melody, I do hope tomorrow is less stressful than today. Maybe you can post something while you are still medicated, but it probably won't be nearly as funny as today's post.

    Praying for good results from the surgery!

    Regina in Knoxville

  3. Good luck with the surgery.

  4. Teresa6:55 PM

    Good luck with the surgery! On Sunday Mary gave Nancy & I great directions to Hixon. We saw the Rib & Loin but went to Longhorn instead. It was yummy!! It was a great ending to a great weekend!! Thanks again for a wonderful workshop!

  5. Ok, you totally stressed ME out! I 2nd the GPS - definitely a toy worth having. Shouldn't you be RELAXING before having surgery? I hope they give you good drugs tomorrow! ;-)

  6. *raises her glass to good pain killers*

  7. You are VERY funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one to have such frenetic, crazy days...good luck tomorrow.

  8. Best wishes for your surgery, Melody. In 6 months you'll be laughing at all of this...and really happy it's over.

  9. Dave is with you in the shower?


  10. Good luck today!

  11. Good luck with the surgery - soon will be over.

  12. Good luck with your surgury, I'll be praying for a speedy recovery! Hopefully your trip home will be less eventful, but thanks for the good chuckle this morning. I needed it!

  13. Sounds like I trip I made with you to Michigan.....I mean Indiana.
    Enjoy the medication!

  14. Too funny! Hope you are out of surgery by now and will experience a speedy recovery!

  15. LOL...this sounds like us! Thought we were the only ones that make things more complicated than they have to be! Will be thinking about you.

  16. Ditto all of the above. Been there, done ALL of that!!! Your loyal readers are looking forward to hearing that all is well! Have a speedy recovery!

  17. I'm with Deborah on the "Yowzaa!" comment, and I also have to wonder how well your laptop survived being in the shower with you. Water's not so good for laptops. heh.

    P.S. I'm glad you're back home & have survived the surgery.


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