Friday, May 29, 2009

Nearing the Finish Line

Hurray! Instead of a black box in the ceiling, covering an old stovepipe hole, we have a can light! What a tremendous difference that makes to this dark corner. The ceiling patching will be sanded today and the light's trim will be added and then we can begin painting.

I asked Dave to shop for a lightweight ladder that could reach the gallery rail so I could easily move my artwork around at whim. He came home with a super Jim Dandy ladder that has nine or ten functions, which is great but it weighs two tons. We have to lift it together, which means no whim-art moving for me, solo.
Still it will be wonderful when we want to change a light bulb.
The room is so lovely and bright now, even with fewer fixtures than I plan use. I have three pendant lights that go on the track, for over my desk, sewing table and art table. I will put them on the track when the room is if one arrangement ever is enough.

I also have changed out the fixture and mirror in the bathroom. Here is the new stuff and
this is what used to be here.
I never once had that fake flower garland up. This shot was taken when we first saw the house. So much better and brighter. And now I can see how not clean that sink was. It is NOW.


  1. Teresa8:29 AM

    It is so neat you can have the big bright lights on when you are working and the "art lights" on when you are not. Great planning!!
    PS I think you need another ladder - a simple 2 step one that you can use by yourself!!

  2. There's a ladder called Skinny Mini at Home Depot or Lowe's that works great for me in my house (9 foot ceilings - not sure how tall your studio is.)

    It's lightweight, easy for me to use, and folds up for easy storage. I bought ours when we installed some crown molding, and we've ended up using it lots. It comes in different step heights.

    OK, enough about ladders....

    Love your studio & your blog!!


  3. Looks like a lovely spot for art making! Can't wait to see it with all the lovelies on the wall and you creating whatever your heart desires. Tis good tis good!

  4. You can still move your art work around at every whim, it just got written into Dave's job description. I'm sure with time we will do a fantastic job!!

  5. So exciting and looking so good.

    Is that my magnifying mirror in your bathroom????? :)

  6. Thank you for posting how the track system wroks a few posts ago. The room is looking wonderful and I am taking notes.



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