Saturday, March 14, 2009

watching tv on dvds

It began when we watched all four seasons of Rescue Me on DVD.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, and I am sure I have, I cannot stay awake for adult themed shows that begin at 9 pm. Even if they are fabulous, like this show. So by way of recommendation, I must say that this is one of the best written, funniest, most engaging shows on TV. Not for kids however. But then you and I haven’t been kids in a long time. The thing is that this is a continuing story, and when you watch several episodes at a crack, you get hooked and it is so satisfying to be able to follow up immediately on what happens next.

The new season is finally starting up again after that writer’s strike delayed everything. I can’t wait… but I will. Because I know I will attempt to watch it on TV and I will fall asleep. Thank goodness for DVDs.


The FX network is also responsible for our next fave show, The Shield. I would never have thought to watch this show, even tho I love cop shows because it seemed way too violent and tense, but then I heard a review that practically insisted I try it out. I rented just the first DVD, feeling that if we didn’t like it, no biggie. But wham! It was just fabulous, as recommended.

We have watched the first several years and then they added Glenn Close thumbnailCA8Y6NMFto the cast and she was so great. We loved that year.

And after we finished, we took a break midway from The Shield and I rented the first year of another FX series, Damages, thumbnailCABJ52PTjust because Glenn Close stars in it.

425_close_damages_010708 She and Ted Danson cast-TedDanson

are just amazing. But once again it is the writing that makes all the difference. The plots are layers and layers of woe and intrigue and one never knows for sure who is telling the truth or can be trusted. Each episode leaves us thirsty for more.

So while it is continuing to rain, and we can’t go outside to play, we are ensconced in our old fart chairs, bowls of popcorn at the ready, watching really too good to be regular series TV on DVD.


  1. That's the ticket! I have the same problem... several years ago, my hubby taped all the Sopranos episodes, and I got to catch up right after I retired... got hooked good!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I am always looking for new good tv shows.

  3. I have one word for you: LOST.

  4. I think TV shows on DVD is one of the greatest inventions ever! We have been watching Lost on DVD. When it first started several years ago I thought, "what a dumb concept" and never started watching, but then it became this huge hit and everyone was watching it, but you can't just jump in in the middle. We are loving being able to watch a couple episodes at a time--and no commercials!

  5. damages is the best! we look forward to that each week

  6. My husband and I started watching The Shield also and were hooked. We watched all five seasons and are anxiously awaiting season 6. I have several of the same shows you have on my list to start watching. Have you tried the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (the Vegas one). I absolutely love William Peterson's character Gil Grissom. Unfotunately, he is no longer on the show, but we still DVR it. Try Dexter - a little gory, but interesting.

  7. genevieve4:26 PM

    This is not meant to be critical as I know you are having fun with the fonts but for those of us with eyesight problems some of the new fonts are far more difficult to read than what you used to blog with. Please consider going back to the old fonts or else using these new fonts but larger.

    Thank you.

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog through Maggie Grey's. We're doing the same thing with dvd's, just got season 4 of Rescue Me (well it was hubby's birthday present actually), but probably won't watch it until we finish The Sopranos. I think we're about half way with that. It's so addictive and with no adverts - bliss! Also been watching House and Scrubs, all on dvd.

    I'll look in again soon, check out your blog properly.

  9. This is precisely how we got sucked into watching Lost. We rented the DVDs during the writer's strike, and now we're hooked! It was terrible going from watching 4 or 5 episodes at a time to having to wait for a full week (or more!) to see the next installment.

  10. I haven't seen Rescue Me but I will check out the DVD. Thanks for the rec. I do watch The Closer on DVD because we don't get TNT and I like seeing all the epis together.

  11. I LOVE Damages -- definitely enthralling. And I agree with you -- it's so fun to watch from the first episode forward. I'm watching Friday Night Lights right now, and it's quite good, so far (episode 5 that is...)

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