Saturday, March 21, 2009

Starting Spring


The official Before picture. No leaves to speak of, and the grass is just starting to green up. In a month there will be pink blossoms on the Redbuds and tulips in bloom and weeds everywhere. O dear.


We are starting our veggie garden beds any minute and have purchased the raw materials. One ton of topsoil and composted manure, plus two bales of straw. I will repeat my soil prep method of layering straw, compost and topsoil, with a little peat moss tossed in for good measure. No digging this time. We have to construct the frames yet, but they will be 12” high and will just sit on the ground and be filled with the soil mix. We have heard that the microbes in the composted manure will continue to work on the base earth, which is totally clay, so we’ll see if the roots have somewhere to go beneath the loose bed soil. Or not.

IMG_7102 Yesterday being the first day of Spring I decided the water lilies had to go into the pond. I put on my tall  pink boots and enlisted Dave to hold onto me as I waded into the very soft mud of  the pond. I was sure I would get stuck and have to be rescued. There should have been cameras ready to capture this foolishness, but in essence it was Dave who having the longer arms was able to get the root balls of the lilies out far enough from the pond’s edge to have a chance at surviving. IMG_7152-1This red flower is a plastic marker to show where the plant ended up. Since the water level fluctuates wildly we had to make certain to get the root out far enough to actually be in water midsummer.

I am really jumping the gun on Spring, but one can’t help oneself when clematis, daffodils, and lilies are shooting upwards all around the yard.

IMG_7156 IMG_7157Clematis and Lilies



  1. You've obviously found your paradise! Beautiful! I hope you do monthly updates on the photos you've shown. I came to your blog because of the quilts but I love your gardening pics. In fact, I'm refering my girlfriend who built a new house to your blog....I know she'll love your insight!

  2. What a beautiful place to live! Can't wait to see it all lush and green! I've got some daffys ...I think. Since this is our first spring in this house I don't know what all I have.

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    All are beautiful, but this last picture is breath taking. I just sat & focused on it for awhile.

    Rhonda M.

  4. What a great shot of the house! You captured it perfectly with the reflection and all. And you two are busy!!! Can't wait to see the lily photos later!

  5. It's a beautilful place, Mrs Mel, and I know that you will make it even more beautiful with your love for flowers and gardening. Good luck with the high veggie beds.

  6. Great pix of your house and grounds! I am loving the Feed the Fishies Feature on your blog too:)

  7. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Your last picture makes us all wish we were living in the South instead of up here (NH) where the snow still lingers.

  8. How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place!

  9. Hi there, I have been following your blog for a while now and thought it was time to say thank you. I always look forward to your posts. I find them inspirational and I love the work you do.

  10. sewsewLiz8:47 PM

    I echo what everyone else has said thus far. bootiful, bootiful, bootiful. One would never know by reading your blog that this country was in such a bad state of affairs. More people should be encouraged to come to your site as you are both industrial, philosophical and talented. You should have been a motivational speaker/writer. good luck with everything. I appreciate you so much.

  11. Hi Melody... I did the same thing today (after going to the Urban Inspirations Quilt Show in honor of National Quilt Day)... well almost the same. I turned my flower beds and sprinkled my preen to help ward off the weeds this summer. My snow crocuses are up and I can't wait until everything else starts to peep out.... Yum!

  12. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Hi Melody,
    I love seeing your outside pictures again. I think the water pictures look like some of you hand dyed fabric. Beautiful!. I too know the sorrow of looking for your family of fish and finding some missing. We made the mistake of naming oour 4 fish after grandchild. After seeing a blue hernon fly from our yard we knew where our fish were going. We put 2 shiny thick glass balls in the water and have not seen a blue hernon in 2 years but we do have a pair of ducks that return each year and they just showed up like winter snow bird friends. Thanks for all you share and the beautiful pictures.

  13. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Hi Melody,
    I just discovered your blog this weekend and spent way too many hours reading! Love your art, your redecorating and your socks :). I make art quilts too though can't call my self professional. Just last year I discovered knitting socks. I started dyeing my own fabric last summer and that is how I found your blog, through your Lazy Dyer site. I sure wish it was spring here in Michigan! Thanks flor blogging.
    Katy S

  14. You've a beautiful house, with such a lovely and restful feel.


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