Monday, March 23, 2009

Starting the Garden

Well it would be nice if this were my space and I had the help Michelle Obama surely must have, but I guess I am happy to not have bitten off more than I can chew. Chew, veggies…get it?

IMG_7158  IMG_7160 You already know how much we like to rearrange furniture, and so it is with these two garden bed frames.

IMG_7169 Should we push them up against the existing bed and have a green space in between or put them parallel to the long bed and have a mulched walkway in between?IMG_7166

Whichever way we put them it looks good to me. But then I am so excited to have these new beds that I can barely wait til the last frost date.

IMG_7164 The assembly (by Dave the Fabulous Husband) was a snap and we wonder why we ever did anything else for our previous beds. Cut 16’ pine boards from Lowe’s into 4’ and 8’ lengths, paint with polyurethane, drill holes, insert lag bolts, fill with soil. Done-a-roo!

I know I will be sharing this garden with the local wildlife

IMG_7167 IMG_7168 The front and back doors of someone who will love my garden as much as me.

IMG_7171 And more to come I am sure.  eeeooowww.

This is a Brown Recluse Spider. I so don’t want them


  1. Hi, Mel. That looks like a brown recluse, or fiddler, spider. They are bad news--a bite from one can cause skin to decompose cause a staph-like infection. Here's a link to Wikipedia info about it:

    Congrats on your raised bed construction!

  2. Hooray for you for getting your beds done and hooray for Michelle Obama for setting an example. I love it that we have a first family that thinks like an average American family.

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Melody, it seems you need to be able to access the beds easily from all sides - hence .... my vote, don't push them all together.

    Rhonda M.

  4. We once had an infestation of brown wolf spiders, big and harmless. That was an adventure that I don't mind never repeating! I killed 27 in one day around that house! Oy!

    The gardening looks like fun and I've done raised beds but never built a frame for them but I think it will look very neat and orderly that way. That might be a good fit for the house we are in now, I'll need to give it some thought.
    Wow the Obama family must like peas! I wouldn't mind having that herb garden!

  5. Yikes! That's scary. I'm not afraid of spiders so much, but I worry that I don't know a good one from a bad one and I don't want me or a pet to get bit!

    Wildlife always finds its way into a garden. We have a frog or toad in our pond now. How he got around our big fence I can't figure out.

  6. If it was me I would do a pathway.

    We did that in one of our areas since our beds are stepped. Great place to sit when I am digging in the dirt or need a solid foothold to reach the middle.

  7. Make a mulched walk between your beds so you can reach to the center of each bed. Ref: "Square Foot Gardening" in which each bed was 4'x4'.

  8. When we lived in Texas, Ty caught a wolf spider just like the one in your top photo, in our house and put it in a bug box. Then he threw flies in the box and the spider reached up and grabbed the flies out of the air and bit their heads off. It did that 7 times in a row before getting full.

    They are extremely aggressive spiders and they do bite, but not as bad as a brown recluse, Nina got bit several times by one in our house in LA, before I stumbled upon it in the hall one night. They do not spin webs, they hunt.

  9. More than I want to know about spiders. But then our house in Azusa was infested with black widows. Now there's a nightmare in the making.

  10. EEEEEEUUUUUWWWEEEE! Get those spider pictures off your blog! I can't look at them.

    About 12 years ago I was bitten by a black widow. Not fun.

  11. We worked in our back yard last weekend, cleaning up, and had to pull things from out of a blackberry patch. I am told snakes like to hide in there: I was very alert to where my hands were going.


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