Sunday, March 29, 2009


  Last April I posted these pictures and said that they were frog eggs and that this second picture was probably frog eggs of a different variety. I don’t why I imagined that to be the case, but I WAS WRONG. Now I know they were fish eggs! I had no idea that we had any fish in the pond at that time because the muddy water obscured them. Now as I look at that blob of eggs it seems perfectly clear that they were fish babies.


So admitting I was wrong is actually making me a happy girl, because I love those little fishies and this Spring I am hoping to see more blobs like this with orange babies in them.

Admitting I was wrong led me to thinking of other times I was wrong and had a tougher time admitting it. But how glad I am that I did. Like my first marriage for example. Getting past that mistake and marrying Mr. Wonderful was such a supergreat result.

So if you can’t admit you are wrong then you can’t fix the mistake and you are stuck with the status quo. And that can lead to long and involved messes like a prolonged war, for an example.

But what I am leading to is that the new series that I have started, ROYGBIV, has begun too wimpy, and needs to be bigger and better, so I am putting my initial quilt aside, and starting again.

I feel much better now that I have that off my chest.


  1. Sometimes it is good to set something off to the side. Often we return to it only to find new inspiration.

  2. You had a lot on your chest. I think you even got a little bit political! Never heard that from you on here before. LOL!

  3. The 1st quilt was just a warm up!

  4. Fish eggs in the pond mean there won't be frog eggs, I heard. When the fish are big enough, they eat all the frog eggs. -- Don't we enjoy the right things so much more after undoing the wrong thing? I married my teenage dream, got a nightmare and found Mr Wonderful 5 days before I was divorced.

  5. Can't wait to see the new beginning on the roygbiv series! I agree with Candied Fabrics, that first piece was indeed a warmup and a lovely warmup it was, too!! "Press On!"

  6. You are wonderful! I just love you! You teach such a good lesson in such a gentle way. Even though I don't comment all the time, I read every word of your blog and never cease to be grateful that you take the time to write it for me (us)! My friends and I had a great talk yesterday about how important we are to each other--you are important too! Thank you!

  7. OK, I'm unlurking (having been a faithful reader for close to a year) because I think ROYGBIV 1 is more than a warmup, it's a new beginning. When I first looked at it, I thought great colors, movement, and then I realized there was something else going on here (at least on my monitor). When I look at the lower edge of the central square, particularly the magenta rectangle, it looks like that square is physically lifted up and over the small spoon shaped element that is laying on the bottom background layer. So when I look at the bottom half of this whole piece, it looks 3-dimensional... like it's popping off my monitor and I just love that! I feel like I'm literally looking at 3 layers that are in different physical planes -- not just the representation of 3 dimensions in a 2-dimension work. Anyway, I really like it and love your blog. I know I'll find something interesting and inspiring every morning. I'm also looking forward to your upcoming dye workshop, it'll be my spring treat!

  8. Christina6:13 PM

    Regarding your pond eggs, the first picture of the "frog" eggs that look like tubes of eggs are actually toad eggs and the "fish" eggs are actually frog. You were correct the first time :). Fish eggs do not float on the top of the water like amphibian eggs.


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