Monday, March 30, 2009

A Blast of Cold Air


That is a cloud hanging low on the frosted field below the hill. It’s on its way across the road up towards my garden. Frost warnings were not posted but I could tell that it was getting colder by the hour, so I checked the forecast and it looked like we were in for freezing temperatures. I have pretty much held back on early planting, with the exception of about a dozen hostas. I couldn’t help myself. Last year’s plants have sprung up and I just wanted to join in. My older peony is about 15” high with buds, so I had to cover it. But the ones I planted last year will have to shiver in the mists without cover. I hope they can take it.

IMG_7233 This empty garbage can did the trick for the big peony, and I’ll bet it won’t be the last time I’ll do it this Spring.


My Jackmanii clematis is tall enough to attach itself to the strings tied to the trellis and I used anything and everything to protect it.

stock photo

I Last year I had to untangle the vine from the trellis so Dave could paint the stairs and while it did bloom nicely, it always looked like a glob that had been undone. This year I planned to train it up neatly and hope for a showy array of blooms. Gardening is all about hope.


I am afraid I didn’t have enough covers for the new hosta and they definitely got bit. However, I just bought four new ones for $2 each, because I am a hosta nut, so if these don’t make it, I will replace them. One cannot get emotionally attached to plants, she said.


Speaking of emotionally attached…I am MAKING you look at my sprouting Baptisia. Can you barely tell these are nubbins of green? I got on my sore knees to take this picture. I am so excited!  They look like nothing exciting at this point but I am looking forward to this mass of purple and green in my future. I have found two returning clusters (so far) and it thrills me so much I had to share.

I have gone over the edge.


  1. Hope everything survived the cold. That clematis is such a gorgeous color.

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Great idea to use a garbage can! The foggy field looks so beautiful. Your home has a wonderful view.

  3. Those little tykes are going to look like that amazing mass of green and violet? I'm in love.

  4. A good edge to go over!!!

  5. Oh yes, the picture you took on your knees shows the plant power, how these little buds are so decided to break through. Like in the photographs of Blossfeldt.

  6. They remind me of these hilarious chestnut faces

  7. Glad to hear of another Baptisia lover--my favorite garden flower. It grows so well in my garden (northern Illinois) that I'm tempted to plant it in half the garden--except that its bloom is so short. Great photo of it in glory.

  8. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Baptisia (False Indigo) will bloom twice a year if you trim the flower heads off after they form "green" seed pods. Cut the plant back to about 1/2 the full height and it will bloom again late in the year.


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