Saturday, February 07, 2009

This doesn't happen everyday
I got this email today:
Feasibility to invite you to Japan, Taiwan and Korea
Dear Melody,
I have once met with you somewhere in Nagoya or Osaka years ago. I am President of Bernina Japan, Inc. which is the subsidiary company of Bernina Switzerland.
I am right now looking for a artist to invite to Japan in November in 2009. I know it is a bit too late to talk about November this year, but I am asking you if you have any chance to make up your schedule available for two to three weeks in November 2009.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
With best regards,
Tetsuo Adachi
Bernina Japan, Inc.
Of course I had to decline his lovely invitation. I am staying put. And I know you would gladly go in my place, so I gave him your name. You will love Japan. It is soooo beautiful. And the quilters are so impressive. Just take a look at these quilts (courtesy of my sister Brooke, she did not shoot these pictures.)
Wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water, and bring an extra camera battery.


  1. Congrats on the offer, I'm certain it would be fun! The quilt link has some amazing work! Very impressive!

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    That's just too bad now, isn't it!!! blink blink blink!!!

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Sounds like spam to me! Check it out further . . .

  4. Ummm, and they didn't ask for your banking info so that they could deposit a fat check into your account? LOL

  5. This is the real thing, I know this man. He barely remembers me, but I DO remember him.

  6. I never doubted it was real. But you seriously don't want to go?

  7. After looking at my comment, it's clear to me that I totally took your posting wrong and I offer my apologies. I guess I've been the recipient of too many of those offers from Nigeria and I've gotten a little jaded. Too bad you can't make that trip and enjoy what would be a good time. Please forgive my negativity.

  8. Oh my gosh, that would be sooooo hard to turn down. Although if I were invited and didn't bring a long my kids, I think they would never speak to me again, lol.


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