Saturday, February 07, 2009

...Emily Litella

We figured out what to do with the big back room.
It will be my new studio. Gulp! This is the fourth room in this house to try out as my studio and hopefully the last.

We cleaned it out, almost, and the rest of this stuff will be going, today when we get a bit more energy. I measured it. 13.4 x 29 feet. Big enough? You bet.

My studio upstairs is barely 11 feet square.

I debated the merits of taking over this room, but it began to make more and more sense. At first I felt I didn't deserve it. ( I don't know where this came from, but nonetheless I felt it). I mean I do make messes. But then we don't like the carpet and we were planning on ripping it up and doing something costly about a new floor. Since we scrapped that idea, we were left with the workshop idea, which still sounded good.

I will keep the carpet and not worry about getting stuff on it. And I will paint the walls white (um...Dave will paint them. I never paint 'his way') and eventually have new lighting put in, and it will be spectacular.
Both my painting and sewing spaces can be set up, and all those huge canvases in the garage will be brought in and get PAINTED. Plus the walls are super high, like 9.5 feet, so I can have lots of room for quilts to hang and even a big quilt design wall. Or not. The room has a fireplace, ceiling fans, two outside doors and one inside door, a lovely view of the pond gardens and a phone. And internet. All my supplies are in the hall closets right outside the room itself, keeping stuff behind closed doors. Superb.
The original owners built this room as a screened in porch and changed their minds and re-did it as a seriously insulated family room. They had a pool table and flat screen in there when we first saw it. The best part I saved for last. It is so removed from the rest of the house, that I can play loud music and it won't bother Dave. I know, because he used to do the same thing when it was his room.
When we have guests, we can easily do a switcheroo and one of us, probably me can sleep in the studio and our guests can have the upstairs suite. I am already thinking about furniture... I am a furniture junkie.
AND the space that was once my upstairs studio will become Dave's suite and the DVD watching space. The big screen will go up stairs and those black chairs and ottomans will too.
The perfect resolution.


  1. Why not remove the carpet now? Would save alot of work down the line! I want stained concrete as my floor throughout my home, but have yet to get my own started.

    This bonus room sounds like a winner Melody, way to go.

  2. Can't wait to see pix of your new studio, all set up and ready to go! Have fun!


  3. sounds perfecto to me.

  4. Sounds like a perfect solution! And you do deserve the nice, big space! Can't wait to see the finished studio! Maybe you could have it in the new "where women create" magazine or the Studio magazine. I'd love it!

  5. You should paint it green to reflect the envy the rest of us feel!! Congrats! Will be waiting for pics...

  6. You have to do something with that little voice in your head that says "you don't deserve it".
    Try 10 Zen Seconds.
    Breathe in with a 5 second breathe saying "Melody Johnson" and then out for 5 seconds saying "deserves this space".

  7. Anonymous10:58 AM

    It was the only solution I could think of...glad you came to that conclusion....

    wonderful space...and it will be perfect for you!!!!

    Of course you deserve it.

  8. Yeah!! Now that is an idea that I cna agree with.

  9. Time spent in space awake = size of space. A beautiful equation!

    Have fun setting up you dream studio!

  10. I'm glad you realized it would be a great studio space, I thought that when you said you didn't want the entertainment area there and were wondering what to do with it.

    Hope you settle in and it feels it is YOURS!!!

  11. Golly, now that you've reached this conclusion can you believe how long it took to "get there"? Of course, you deserve this big wonderful space in which to create.

  12. Congrats! What a terrific studio that room will make. Can't wait to see the layout. And thanks for the wonderful NEVERMIND reminder. The Emily character along with Rose-ann Rose-anna-dana have given us many a good laugh through the years.

  13. I'm so happy for you! That will be a LOVELY space for your work!

  14. Violins in School!
    Never mind.
    Looks like lots of space to do your interpretive dance too.

  15. I wondered why you didn't claim this room right away once Dave moved upstairs. It is perfect for your studio. And as far as you sleeping in the studio if you had company, your company might think it was neat to stay in there.

  16. Anonymous4:12 PM

    How long it took for Dave to suggest the solution. I am sure it was his idea, wink wink.....
    I like to re-organize rooms but not as much as you.


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