Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thanks for Your Response
I am totally awed by your enthusiasm for my dyeing workshop idea.
However there are several reasons why I cannot consider doing a dvd or online course.
Dyeing fabric is very hands on and site specific. There are lots of variables that need to be controlled, for example: water, water ph, water temperature, and the amount of water in the dye mix. Then there is the fabric. Each fabric results in a different finished product and needs to be treated differently prior to the dye process. And then the way we will be doing each of the several dye processes are all dependent on room temperature or outdoors temps, space, microwave capacity ( if we use one), or sunshine, and the tilt of the table even!
I have links in the sidebar that tell you everything that I use and what I do, and even FAQ on dyeing.( Ignore the spam comments, which reappear even when I delete them.) But reading them isn't the same as doing them, is it? Nope. So what a workshop really is, is the doing. The mixing, the measuring, the ripping of fabric, the wringing out of fabric, the assembling the containers and putting the dye right on the fabric.
And the giggling during the process.
It's like sex. You can read about it and get all excited, but it ain't the same as doing it.


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Ohh Melody, I love your last observation! I also LOVE your work.


  2. The last statement is just so TRUE!! It is so much fun dyeing fabric with a group around and having the hands on opportunity.

  3. Hi Melody...
    I have taken a class from you and have been reading your blog daily for more than two years. (I am the one who sent you some of my knitting in one piece patterns.)

    How I would love to take a dye workshop with you! Please keep us abreast of your plans for one :-)

    Cherie Brown

  4. LOL! You are too much!

  5. whoo hooo!!! Count me in for the live event! I have learned alot from online classes but I am excited about the prospect of a regular class. I still have alot to learn! Looking forward to it, if you do decide to do it.

    Kristin in SC

  6. Wow Melody,
    I can see the local headlines, "Dyers invade Tennesee". It appears they are dyeing to dye!! :) Shucks - I'd come to Tennessee just for the fun of hanging out with you again!!
    Patty in Marina CA

  7. It's time for me to take a refresher course from Mrs. Mel. I've tried dyeing at home, but my colors are weak and I'm running out of Mrs. Mel fabric!


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