Thursday, February 05, 2009

Quiet Country

It snowed a few days ago and stayed cold. Cold enough to bring out the animals in search of dinner. We had five deer on the hill behind the house and they are cleaning up the zillions of acorns for us.

Today we saw two large coyotes across the road. It was just by chance that we were staring out into the field. The coyotes perfectly match the colors of the straw and trees. No pictures of them as they were too fast for us.

The bird feeder is full to brimming with the usual eaters, and now with our picture windows we have a delightful show everyday.

My to do list is emptying fast. Amazing what you can do when you have no interest in going out.

I am even repainting an old painting, which was just a tad on the dull side, previously. Not anymore. Yowsa! Fear not, it hangs on a dark wall and needs all the hotness it can muster.


  1. This type of weather always inspires me to either clean or sew-guess which one I picked?

  2. Even when I have no interest in going out I can't seem to accomlish what I'd like!
    And you know what the weather has been "up north" this year.

  3. I just discovered you through The Art of Quilting PBS documentary -- you and your work are so delightful! Your new space is great. Enjoy all of it.

  4. It is delightfully funny to see the contrast between the grey white snowy outside and what is happening indoors with you!

  5. Wonderful redo on that painting! I'm just getting time to catch up on one of your earlier posts, the new drapes. Wow, I love them. All I need to do to warm up when I get home at night is head to your blog. Good medicine every time.


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