Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bits o' Knits

January is my big social month here in the boonies. I am joining the knitting group at the local quilt shop, aka the local yarn shop and in the summer the same place is the local dye studio. All things I like. I needed a hat to complete my ensemble (see here) so I visited Ravelry and searched through all the hats there. I found this one to be fast and easy, and it was! I was done in two hours. I kid you not. Here's the pattern

This is Noro Kureyon which was more my colors when I started and then it changed to orangerustgreen later on. O well.

And while I was so comfy sitting there in front of the tv watching Russell Crowe in The Insider, I also finished these socks.
Three yarns which are not dyed to stripe, Baby Ull for the heel and toe, Koigu in gold and Sophie's Toes in purple-blue multi.

The weather has finally warmed up and the ice is dripping off the roof like raindrops. Nice day to sit and knit some more.


  1. Love the hat and socks. The colors are wonderful. Still cold here and snow is coming down.

  2. Dang - two of my most favorite things in one post R.Crowe knitting? and Those Incredible Socks!!! I would wear a miniskirt to make sure
    folks didn't miss my socks!

  3. Love those socks! And Russell Crowe too, minus his smoking. Not to be confused with smokin', which I tend to think he is.

  4. What is the deal with Russell Crowe and the knitting needles??? He kinda looks like, "please believe me that I know what I'm doing with these here needles" but he's not got me convinced.

    Cute hat. Love those 2 hour patterns!

  5. The colours of the hat are just lovely! And someone said to Russel: "Pretend you're knitting, the girls love that!" He doesn't convince me either.


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