Monday, December 22, 2008

Scratching the Design Itch

My subconscious has been busy making quilts while I recuperate from cookie production. The baking is all done and I am about to get back into the studio for the real thing...actually sewing the quilt.
My plan, heh heh, is to do it in four parts. One yard each and then assemble it all into one twin size top.

I would like the design to have some grand layout, but since I don't want construction to be tedious, I'll do it in increments.

So many choices! You understand that each quadrant will be mirrored by the next and repeat the design. Or not.
As long as I maintain the same fabrics throughout, it ought to work, visually.
Even if it is only strips, I plan to mix solids and prints, since they have already been dragged out, pressed and grouped just waiting for me to assemble.
It'll be a Christmas miracle if I get this done by Thursday.


  1. I'm very curious to see the progress. Hope you can resist the temptation to mirror the parts and install too much symmetry... no, sorry, it will be perfect.
    Have been reading your "no-book" recently, I mean the advices on being an artist. This is so helpful! I love to muse on your thoughts.

  2. Your blog is always at the top of my blog list, which lists the most recently updated blog first. Where do you get your energy? Anyway, you're a wonderful inspiration for artists and crafters! Love those colors.

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Keep it simple Ms Mel! LOL....

  4. Blown your whole artistic process. Inspire! I know it comes so easily to you so just enjoy that fact that you are making someone smile!


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