Monday, December 08, 2008

It's the little things that make the difference

The old pulls just didn't do it for me. Dirt and dust settled on the top of these and I was forever trying to scour it off. Sometimes I tried to unscrew them from the fronts of the cabinets so I could soak them in hot suds, but I could never budge those screws.
It turns out they were fake screws! The entire drawer fronts were screwed to the drawer units and when I took one off, I found the real screws that held the dang handles. So I unscrewed one and took it to Lowes to replace them all.

Well...I had a $10 coupon burning a hole in my pocket.

So I included the knobs too. Well they had to match.

Now I am much happier. These I can keep clean, and stick a dishtowel through, which is so necessary when you hand wash dishes.
The drawer handles and knobs now match the handles on the bathroom faucets which are all so country, but I am at least keeping some consistency.

Note: the captions in the pictures are courtesy of the newly revised Picasa3. What fun to be able to do this all in one program.


  1. I hope you didn't toss the those old drawer pulls.......After the holidays I'd LOVE to buy them as that's the old fashion look I'm using for my studio cupboards.

  2. liz in in11:17 AM

    Nice. White, clean, pretty...and they coordinate with the new countertops!


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