Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Day Trip to IKEA

OK the low gas prices finally got to me and I just had to take a drive. We have been talking about room arrangements, and decorating and needed some hands on design inspiration.

Translation: I just wanted to SHOP.

I prepared Dave a few days in advance and we got going at 8 am (leaving the coffeepot going all day!) and headed down to Atlanta, a three hour drive. There is no other place that has all the stuff that we like all in one spot, for the price.

There are plenty of orange places to sit and we took full advantage. We don't need a couch or a sectional, but we considered them both seriously for several minutes.

I am a sucker for anything painted red and really tried to figure out a NEED for this bookcase cabinet. Sigh. I am still working on it.

It's only $349, including the doors. Some assembly required. That would be my job.

To keep Dave going we had a coffee break after three hours. And chocolate and Swedish Pecan tart. For him not me. I made the sacrifice and just had the coffee....a bit of the chocolate.

It was a great day and we bought a few small items, which will become blog fodder as they are assembled.

By 8pm we were back home, all tired out, with heads full of ideas.


PS. My sister has done a super good quilting tutorial on the right way to fuse layers. See it here.


  1. I can't believe you left that gorgeous red bookcase behind-get going and bring it home. I must get myself to Ikea next week and find on for myself. LOVE IT!
    Nice to see that smiling face of Dave's again.

  2. I loved that bookcase when I saw it in Cincinnati. I tried to figure out a place for it, too! No such luck. I'm still thinking, too.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Orange is my neutral! I just loved that sofa.


  4. Didnt Dave used to be a model on Price is Right? He's still got it!
    I bet you'll go back for that bookcase...

  5. I couldn't have left the red bookcare there. It would make a great quilt storage case.


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