Friday, November 21, 2008

Living On Hold

Dave is moving right along with painting the woodwork in the main room. What a huge difference it is making. The old wood was a gray brown cobwebby blech mess compared to this sparkling whiteness. It even makes the wall color look like a color instead of a scrap of aged newsprint.

Of course we are changing our minds daily about what color to paint the walls next. I am doing research on the home decorating shows and for a good two days we had settled on pear green. But yesterday we saw a house with a pink color scheme and it was excellent. All clean and fresh and creme of strawberry.
That lasted all of ten minutes.
Dave really wants orange and I am leaning towards it too. Ripe Cantaloupe and the accent wall will be a darker version of it. Which wall is the accent wall will be the next discussion.
Just to make things easier, I decided to move our huge dining room table to the garage and now we are eating intimate. That rug is going soon. Soon as Popeye goes, which could be YEARS. No sense getting a nice carpet when the cat still rules.
In the meantime, all my knit slippers from last year have developed huge unrepairable holes and must be discarded.

Adios slippers. Not to worry. We have more yarn.


  1. You are transforming this place! I love the white. Can't wait to see the wall color.

  2. Rhonda8:02 AM

    A color in the orange hues would be great. I find it energizing.

  3. The white trim definitely makes a huge difference. We have white crown molding all throughout the downstairs in our house and it does look nice.

    Cantaloupe sounds inviting, and warm...can't wait to see the color!

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Looks great! I love white trim
    Liz H

  5. Maybe you could felt the slippers then stitch them together to make a vest. Booties for your boobies. Recycle, reuse.

  6. I agree with Laura, recycle. OR, You could send them to someone who would LOVE to do something on the embellisher with them, like me!

  7. BLESS you for deciding against the pink. I would have had to come down and beat you senseless....or, rather, back to your senses!

    Accent wall is generally the first wall you see when you are entering a room.....and cantaloupe sounds great, but I would be hungry all the time! Oh, wait, I am.....never mind!




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