Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I See Little Green Men

A bit of excitement in our front yard yesterday, as a huge dead tree keeled over pulling down the phone and cable lines. Crack! No tv, and no internet. Yipes! But we are lucky not to live in a highly populated area so the repair crews came right out and fixed everything in an hour.

Imagine calling the phone or electric company in Chicago...hours... just on hold.
We love love love it here.
On another note, Dave continues the process of painting the woodwork and yesterday he came up with a solution that is genius. Our staircase is bolted together with huge silvery bolts which are countersunk into the wood. So that leaves exposed holes all over the structure.
Just not what we like.
But Dave found this stuff called Water Putty, which is a powder that he mixed with water and a bit of milk (not kidding) and then filled the holes and covered the bolts. It dries to a hard, hard state and then will be painted over today. He also filled several long cracks in the beams with this stuff, and there we go!
My Hero.


  1. didn't like seeing the screw heads, but the beige dots are "cute"and before you had finished the sentence I thought they were to be left as shown.

  2. As my husband would say, He's not just another pretty face!

  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I'm constantly amazed when I see power lines ABOVE ground in the USA. It is not only dangerous but so very ugly, especially in densely populated areas.

    I am sure the cost of putting them underground is not more than putting them above.

  4. It must be nice to have a husband that understands putty and painting. You are the envy of us all.


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