Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Dread of Bra Shopping

Second only to the horrors of bathing suit shopping, we gritted our communal teeth and set out for a second day of lingerie lunacy.

First of all, facing the size we have become is misery. Second, viewing our pulchritude in the three sided mirror is so cruel. Third, the prices of these torture devices is over the limit.

This was so overwhelming on Saturday (our first try) that we left the store crestfallen, only to have to return Wedsnesday for the final assault. After Brooke tried the same style in three different combinations of sizes, arrgh, did we give up that bra completely.

I just wandered around thinking I could live with the bras I currently wear until I found the one pictured above.
It fit.
I found one for Brooke, in her size, in minty green at 75% off. I was not so lucky, which made me pause and reflect on the actual real life necessity of spending $70 for 3 on something hardly anyone will notice.
I put on my old bra and immediately saw the difference. I might as well have pulled a sock onto each breast. Not a speck of support.
That did the trick. I got three and so did Brooke, all the same style, different sizes.
Now I am ready for my closeup Mr. Demille.

Style Number 35090 by Olga


  1. Pull a sock on each breast!!!!! OMG...what a visual!!! LOL!!! I gastric bypass surgery three years ago and lost about 120 lbs. It created a lot of problems in the boobish area. When I was younger I'd laugh at those cartoons showing "older" women with breasts that looked like two grapefruit at the bottom of a pair of panty hose. I'm not laughin' now!!!

    Just when I was thinkin' that maybe I'd just tuck them into my tennies, you show up with a bra recommendation!! LOL!! Are you my guardian angel??...seriously!!

    Carol - to buy a couple of new Olga bras..hope renewed ;-)

  2. I feel your pain.
    Yesterday I did a quick post on my blog that mentioned bra shopping. I hate it.

  3. LOL! Put a sock on it? No sock would work for me, but I get your message! I hate bra shopping... hate it, hate it!!! I think 3 for $70 is a huge bargain!

  4. I'm with Cindra -- my current fave (a Wacoal) is $60-70 for ONE. Of course, a good portion of that is just for yardage... LOL! It's time to invest in another one, too...

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM

    hmmm, wonder what is available for less than C size? I'm looking into it.

  6. Still shopping in the kids department here.....thank jaad they ( bra manufaturers)have started catering to the seemingly earlier ( and earlier) developing young girl. BRAVO!! on your find!!
    so smart to buy's to the Savvy Sistahs!!

  7. I bought 2 of my last faves--cheaper, cottony and comfy Hanes underwires with nice, thick straps and some padding but FULL coverage so no dropping out of them. Those demi styles must be for 15-year-olds. I feel your and Brooke's suffering but so happy you were ultimately successful. And I LOVE all the painted wood. Did some of that myself at our home last week and I am loving the effect. I think I might like living in Sweden... aren't they the ones who paint everything white? : )

  8. You forgot to mention the cardboard tag with at least a dozen pointy corners sewn inside the bra.

    So when you are trying to decide if it is "comfortable"........

    I have to go bra shopping, and I am dreading it.............

    ABSOLUTELY you get three -- that makes it longer until you have to do it again!


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