Saturday, October 11, 2008

Atlanta IKEA At Last

On a whim, and starting out late, we decided to have a visit to the Atlanta IKEA, just Brooke and me, and a burning desire to see good design. It is a mere 3 hours away, and since it was another lovely day, and we had nothing else scheduled, it was the perfect treat. For me it has been over a year since I last visited my fave IKEA. Brooke has one in Singapore, so for her it was a kindness to accompany me. And I needed her guidance and calm demeanor. I go nuts.

I have been lusting after this Ektorp sofa, since it fits into the cottage theme I am seeking for the decor of my house. I wanted to know how it looked in real life, and more importantly, how it felt to sit in it. Don't I want a cozy comfy couch to curl up with a good book or take a snooze?

And don't I really want a red corduroy version? Or both. Since they are removable slipcovers, why not have a white one for summer and a red one for winter. I am still thinking this over...

To help the thinking process, a nice healthy lunch of pasta and veggies. Yellow and orange carrots. It was a color scheme delight. I am attracted these days to pear green...nice dishes, eh?

This wall color gave me ideas for my living room which needs to new paint...but I also

like this pumpkin. Nice of them to show me big examples of the paint I am considering.

Or how about hot pink and yellow? Hachacha.

We walked around the store for two hours, filling our cart and then putting things back until we distilled the essentials. I got some cork trivets to protect my new white countertops, two lovely floor lamps, a set of dishtowels and two long picture rails. What is a picture rail? It's a narrow shelf that you can set paintings upon and rearrange and never have to nail anything up. I'll be sure and post these when they get mounted on the wall.


  1. I love me some Ikea!

  2. The $ 399.00, is it for the white sofa, or just the slipcover? I need a new one myself.

    Can't wait to see your cottage theme docoration.

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Oh, I was at IKEA yesterday too! Among other things (many things), I was looking at kitchen faucets and had that same faucet in my hand wondering if it would be the one!
    I think I got there at around so we had breakfast before we started our rounds. They had those little folding stools for an Oct offer, The Roy stool, $2.00 each. I had to grab some, at $2.00? And because I have a couple of these I know they are well worth the $10.00 reg. price so that was a giveaway.
    I really went there to get some of those pull window treatments though. The screen type where you can choose the fabric and put the whole thingy together. I think you had some of these in your old house, yes?

  4. Sandra1:33 PM

    I bought a red couch in cottage style. It is a fabulous couch! But the red faded,faded,faded and I had to return for the white slip covers.These are so wonderful because you can wash them over and over and they look even better. You have to spray them with scotchguard every time you wash or they soiled very quickly.

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Sandra's comment about the red color fading brought back some childhood memories and lots of laughs.
    When I was growing up we had Danish furniture in the family room and the cushions were red fabric. We were 7 kids so you can imagine the wear and tear on those chairs. Not to worry though, every Christmas my mom would wash and dye them red again, so they were like brand new at year's end, every year.
    Below a picture of the style chair and my mom still has them in her TV room, re-covered in gold/

  6. Luuuurv Ikea! A design fix every time, even if I just walk out with a $2 purchase. I could do my daily exercise walk in there!


  7. I think you need another trip to IKEA to test the cinnamon rolls with a strong cup of joe. That will help with the decision making.

  8. We don't have an IKEA in North Carolina, although Raleigh has just about every other store including SAKS Fifth Avenue. Sure would love to spend a day there. I predict a new couch in your future.

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