Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cuckoo Condo
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fused, hand and machine quilted.
17.25 x 18.25" Sold

It's bird watching season again here. We have filled the feeders and arranged seating at the window for a good view of the birds. O yes we have binoculars and a bird book but when they come right up to the porch and stare at us through the window, we don't need much to get a good look.
Our first feathered friends are the Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, House Wrens, and Black Capped Chicakadees. We hear the woodpeckers and I saw one on the tree, but they haven't come to the feeder yet.
Dave put a carpet remnant under the feeder since they make a mess and he hopes to preserve the new porch paint. So far the raccoons haven't shown up in the night to empty all the seeds as they did last year.
And we are seriously considering replacing our two front windows (4 sets of double hung with fake panes, very busy and view obscuring) with picture windows for a better view. Can shopping be in the future?


  1. I love this Mel. It's so bright and full of energy. It makes me happy just to look at it.
    I have given my goldfinches the directions to your house and they are on their last full feeder for the season-they should be flying in there any day now.

  2. A bit similar to your stacks series. It's fantastic. I love the machine quilting combined with the hand stitching.

  3. I like this series. Colorful and humorous. What kind of woodpeckers? I'm feeling a little jealous since all of our birds except cardinals and little sparrows have left.

  4. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Wow, Love the bird as an addition to your colorful wonderful quilts. Love your paintings but am happy to see you are quilting again.


  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    We have goldfinches year-round along with blue jays, crows, and cardinals. Our red-bellied woodpeckers stay, too and we feed them suet cakes. This summer we had a pileated woodpecker in our back yard. He was HUGE!!


  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Are these quilts for sale? Liz

  7. Dear Liz-Anonymous,
    Yes all my quilts are always for sale, and I have linked them to my New Work page with the price which is $250 each for these new pieces. Just click on the title under the quilt and you will be taken to the new page. Thanks for asking.

    PS, you're hired.

  8. Hi Melody, Great to see quilts on the go again - not that I didn't enjoy your paintings, but I'm a fabric girl really. I have a question about the threads you use . . what's your favourite machine tread - it looks as if it could be a heavier weight thread - is it a quiliter's cotton? And it looks to be a variegated . . . And what about the hand threads you use - do you dye them yourself, and if so how do you do that? That wasn't just one question was it!

    You said you have trouble with the water-repellent nature of commercial fabrics - have you tried pre-washing in Synthrapol? Did that help?

    Whew! I'll stop now,

    Thanks, for all your inspiration, and generosity in sharing your knowledge and skills,


  9. Ah, Melody, the Fabric Genius. You have outdone yourself! This series is fabulous! You make me want to jump back into fabric again, though I am enjoying mixed-media collage immensely.

    I have the same birdies at my feeders as you do. Enjoy those little feathered critters!

  10. Virginia, email me privately and I will answer your questions indepth.

  11. I love the new quilts and also your new bedroom. All induce a sense of happiness.

  12. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Oh so beautiful......I so wish I could buy one of those ....maybe....hmmmm.
    I too wanted to know about the thread pearl?? Maybe handdyed..
    It is going to be down to 22 tomorrow night in beautiful downtown you miss Illinois. LOL

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Your colours are joyous.


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