Friday, September 19, 2008

Up for Grabs

So much has happened since last we spoke.

1. My sister Brooke is flying in from Singapore on Monday 9/22

2. We are getting a brand new floor for the upstairs installed Wedsnesday 9/24

3. We are getting a brand new sink and kitchen countertops, WHITE, installation scheduled shortly.

4. Brooke and I are going on a road trip to see our mom in MO which is going to happen as soon as she is over jet lag. (Brooke, not Mom.)

5. My brandy new laptop broke (only three months old) so I am adrift and must use the desktop in Dave's room. I sent it for repair yesterday...grrrr.

6. Two dozen other fish appear in our pond on Wedsnesday. They are about 3-4" long and dark on the top and light on the bottom and are not little goldfish. I say 'appeared' because we have a daily cocktail time ritual of counting the goldfish (making sure that the Gang of Five is still there) and have never seen these other fish. In fact in recent weeks, the goldfish have been rather inactive, sticking to one spot near the edge, just a big glob of flashing orange. Then on Weds. I noticed them doing their former swimming pattern, but also saw something else swimming with them. Assuming at first it was just a frog I kept watching. But no. It was not frogs but other fish.

Woowoo! We have a big bunch of fish now and it is great fun at dinner time watching them eat Cheerios, one at a time. They love them and it's good for their cholesterol.


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Juvenile goldfish often don't have the gold coloring - develop it as they get larger and older...

  2. Do you think someone donated them?

  3. Classic camouflage for fish - dark like the water from above, and light when viewed by predators from beneath to match the surface.

    I think you must have had minnows earlier in the year, and now have something besides goldfish.

    My advice? Buy more Cheerios.

  4. So thoughtful, taking care of the fishes' cholesterol..... :-)

    ps -- LOVE the leaves............

  5. I think we did have minnows...but I thought they were baby salamanders since we had so many salamander/lizard eggs. Now I think they were laid by the bass or bluegills that didn't make it through last winter. We had a koi and two others belly up this spring. So whoever/whatever they are we are thrilled to see them and to watch their antics.

  6. Now this is what I call entertainment in the South! I know others may say we are a wee bit crazy but the truth is I can sit for quite awhile and let my brain rest as I observe my neighbors from Nature! Imagine peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Our baby goldfish are often totally dark or with just a little gold on them. As they mature they turn totally golden.... Marcia

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