Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
$150 +$5 S&H

I'm really getting into these leaves. I collected a bunch and made arrangements and shot them up close. They dry quite quickly indoors, and since I have ceiling fans, they move! So shooting them and printing out the images really helps the subjects hold still for painting. This was especially true yesterday when I had to stop and go grocery shopping. Nothing was in the same spot when I returned, but luckily I had the printed copy to go by.

There have been a few comments about liking the cropped image better than the whole. If one frames these, while not really necesssary, the image does get cropped a bit by the frame depending on its overlap. Plus, for me, the environment the subjects are in is part of the story. There is a peacefulness and luxury of a sort when space is evident, if you follow my meaning.

And here is a painting that I forgot to photograph before it went to its owner. Nasturtiums again.


  1. I'm off to target to find a frame today. I'm so thrilled with it. Just beautiful!

  2. Your painting strokes are beautiful in the oils you have created of the turning leaves. I felt peace when i saw these images come up on the screen since my grand daughter Maya rushes to me with a beautiful leaf she has found on our walks through our arboretum. Imagine Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. You are really on to something with your painting. Another career in the making? Sure hope so! At least no rigorous traveling would be involved in this one.


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