Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I like to cook
This is the kitchen (one of two) at my old house. I really used all the counterspace whenever I made big dinners. I loved the white counters so much and miss them so much here.

This is the speckled fake granite counter that I have now.
Nothing really wrong with it
EXCEPT that you can't see when it is clean or when it is dirty.
Or when there are a zillion teeny ants crawling around on it. Eeeoooouuuuwww.

This is the cabinet that sits on the counter taking up valuable real estate.
It is shallow and is useful for only a few things, mostly to collect junk.
I am getting rid of this bottom part of the cabinet and we are getting
This is stock footage of me making pizza with a baseball bat. But I want you to see this double sink. It is also on its way out.
We are installing a single bowl sink and that will give me more counterspace on that side of the kitchen too. Eight more inches! I had single sinks in my other kitchens (and two dishwashers, too) but now I will have just the sink. I have devised a different way to wash dishes, involving a soap dispensing sponge handle thingy suggested by a blog reader. It works great and I use less water than filling the whole sink. Trust me, it will be fine.


  1. It's a challenge adapting to a new place, isn't it? So many things that I thought would be fine are already on my *eventual change* list. And we've only been here two weeks! :-)

  2. That's the exact problem that a friend of my mother-in-law had with her granite countertops ... not seeing the ANTS! Ugh!! Very cool about switching to the one big sink. We have one of those double sinks that has the left side for garbage disposal. It's a pain to use and not as useful as one big gigantic sink. :-)

    Isn't it interesting what different people choose for their kitchens?

  3. Our realtor keeps telling me that I need to replace the white tile countertops in our old house with granite or even fake granite because "that's what everyone wants." Ugh. I love the white counters, and I think the new owners should decide what kind of countertops they want. Kitchens are too personal for someone else to choose for you! Can't wait to see pics of your improved kitchen.

  4. Single bowl sinks are so great for cleaning giant roasters and mixing bowls... someday I'll have one! It will be nice to have those white countertops... I can see where it would be hard to know when that countertop was clean!

  5. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Oh my......I'm going thru the same,--idenical granite, S.S. sink.
    We are almost finished, just moved into a NEW house & changing the countertops/sink. It looks soooo much better, I can see the specks of "stuff" to clean up. I live in the south now, far western VA---maybe it's the way they do it here?

  6. Did you make that great looking bread? If so, where's the recipe??!!???


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