Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Coffee Sold

Mixed Media on Linen Canvas Panel


What is mixed media? In this case, acrylic paint, pencils, inks, brush pens and paint pens.

Due to your encouragement I am continuing to explore the more graphic side of painting and having a ball discovering new ideas. Does this look like some of my recent quilts? I included dots and stripes and linework.

The idea came when my darling husband came upstairs this morning with a surprise gift of a hot cup of coffee. How delightful and inspiring!


  1. Liz in IN7:09 AM

    LOVE these graphic paintings! LOVE! So very 'Melody'. Love your new photo (upper right), too. Lookin' good.

    Oh, and congrats on the kitchen reno. We have a *triple* sink (2 large bowls and a small middle one with the disposer). The ridiculous thing is 42" long...in an 11ft long U-shaped kitchen! So big, it actually encroaches on the corner, which makes my pleasing-design eye twitch. Dh's winter project this year, for sure.

  2. Love it !!!! GEESH gone already !!!

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Geezzzzzz, they are selling faster than I can log on, wow! Congrats, they are truly wonderful.

  4. I love this technique--the nasturtiums were fantastic! How about giving classes through a local venue? Maybe the Stone Light Studio in Soddy Daisy would be available (after the first of the year and the holidays are over, please!!!)


  5. I also love these new mixed media works! They are fabulous. I love the detail, and of course, the color. Brava!

    Kristin in SC

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Sorry, Mel :( I must be the only one that doesn't care for your graphic paintings. I prefer the more "realistic" work you do. Glad you're selling them, tho.


  7. Anonymous3:36 PM


    I love these new graphic paintings...anything with words, color, flowers, food, coffee, tea...just my thing! And I LOVE that you are working and creating from your lovely new home. Livin' large, girl!!


  8. These are soo sooo yummy! The colors... everything about them!


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