Thursday, September 04, 2008

Golden Orbs

Golden Orbs Sold

oil on gallery wrapped canvas


Taking just one day off from painting really didn't totally fix my arm, but I got so anxious with nothing creative to do that I resorted to cleaning out my refrigerator! These three Asian Pears were tucked away in my crisper drawer for a few weeks and their leaves had started to turn, but I caught them for this painting just before it was too late.

To prevent further discomfort, I chose a simple subject and lowered the position of the canvas on my easel so that I needn't raise my arm too often.


  1. Ohmygod, the colors are exquisite. If I didn't have to put a kid through college, I'd buy that one in a split second. Woman, you have talent.

  2. Just beautiful Mel. Such rich colors. My mouth is watering...yum

  3. Wow! That went fast!
    What do other painters do to avoid the pain? I am sure there must be hints like there are in working on a computer... positions that help. I was having problems with my shoulder because my table was too high and we adjusted and voila! all was well. Hope you find the magic so you don't have to pause or have pain.


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