Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Different Kind of Painting

Well this isn't much fun, but necessary before the new floor goes in. We have lots of unpainted knotty pine wood around the house, and it isn't my fave. It collects dust, not that visible but very sneezy and hard to control with ceiling fans going all day and night. I like white for cleanliness and for that cottage look. But it doesn't happen by itself, so we are beginning upstairs and over the winter will take each room one by one and make the pine white. Not the downstairs floors. They are heart of pine and a lovely golden shiny color. Nice.

Yesterday was the Kilz coat, a primer which hopefully will prevent the knots in the pine from weeping too much. I know they will still weep but we will try to minimize it.

This is Popeye's balcony where he sleeps on a down sleeping bag. He is getting pretty old and making it up the stairs is a real job for his little self, but his only real exercise of the day. It is getting a new floor too, which will help with his digestive upsets, if you catch my meaning.
Why did we start this now, with Brooke coming for a month? Well, plans weren't made in stone and things just happened. The floor will only take a day, then we are off for our road trip to MO and when we return, if I am lucky, the new kitchen countertops will have been installed and we will have two weeks of fooling around in the new white studio. We already have bread baking and tamale making planned in the new kitchen.
And...I am moving downstairs and switching the guest room upstairs. I will have a new girly room, so more decorating to come. O boy!


  1. I like the white, too. You just keep moving from room to room in the house.... how fun is that?

  2. Love the white railing, it's got a bit of a modern cottage feel going. It's always a good thing to guard against accidents of nature, isn't it?

  3. I love the way you just keep things moving right along.
    The white looks clean and sparkly...very nice.

  4. A tip to try. Shellac the knotholes let dry and then paint white. Should keep the weeping away.


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