Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the Town!

I had such a wonderful day out yesterday. My 'excuse' was that the above painting sold to a fellow Tennessean and I got to meet her and hand off the painting yesterday, per my plan. We cell phoned while I was in the first store, Target, and then I met her outside while my shopping cart cooled off mid aisle and got right back in to continue my spree.

I got these tiny dishes for my still life collection and then went on to TJMAXX (after a bite to eat at Panera) found this cobalt blue teapot, for only $7.50! Imagine my delight, especially having an excuse to buy it, having just sold the painting with the blue teapot the other day.

At Hobby Lobby I treated myself to a slew of new brushes, all half priced, some Masonite panels, as an experiment in achieving fine detail, and a table easel so I can have two paintings going on at once. Everything was 30-50% off, no coupon necessary. Whee!
This important item will help me control the early demise of my brushes. I have a bad habit of leaving them unwashed overnight, and oil paints are nasty to remove once dried. I also bought a gallon of odorless thinner, some padded envelopes for mailing small paintings.
I finished off my day out with a visit to the grocery store, gas station ($3.27 a gallon, woowoo) the bank and post office.

One of my new painting idols, the incredible Neil Hollingsworth talked about photographing cherries so he has some to paint in the winter. What a smart guy. I will do the same, arranging fruit and veggies now when they are here, and having some to paint (as photos) for the dark days to come.

It is getting a tad autumnal here. Chilly mornings and a much, much deeper pond after three days and nights of constant rain. We benefitted from the fading effects of Fay and perhaps we will also benefit from Gustave. It is good to be up high.


  1. If you get tired of painting still lifes you can have brilliant tea parties with all your teapots! I love the shape of the new cobalt blue pot.

  2. Anonymous2:16 AM

    While you were checking out Neil Hollingsworth's writings, did you pop over to see Karen Hollingsworth's work?

    She does incredible work, check out her still life pieces! She also talks about natural lighting in her intro. She has paintings of apples and peaches too...truly awesome.


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