Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Commission:Day 4

I decided to redo the apple, on a new canvas, and make it yellow, since there was a dearth of yellow fruits in this grouping. Only the lemon and banana were yellow, and neither were as warm a yellow as this Yellow Delicious.
The avocado was especially challenging since it had a rough texture and yet had a glossy reflection. I think it worked out well.
Speaking of challenging, the eggplant was HUGE and to get it all in the 6x6" canvas took several tries. Compare that to the mushroom which was tiny and now looks like a Paul Bunyan mushroom. Does anyone remember Paul Bunyan anymore?
So 13 down and three to go...but I contacted my commissioner and asked if I could make a few substitutions. Leek, carrots, beets. These all seemed too long and thin to paint just one per canvas. I planned to use a beet from my garden, since they are plump and ready to pull, but really, NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME visually. And with the carrots I was hoping to find some with green tops at my grocery, but all they had were the cello bagged ones. Not earthy enough. With the leeks, trying to squeeze an 18" leek into a tiny square seemed undoable. Something would have to go.
The response was go ahead and substitute other fruits for these long ones. Phew! What a relief.


  1. I'm really enjoying your painting odyssey, Melody! I feel a sense of empathy since I too seem to have forsaken quilting for other, more immediate media.

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    The avocado is incredibly beautiful. My one concern, the little spot of light seems to be in the same place on most of the fruits/vegetables.

    How about a brocolli or a kohlrabi?
    No shine but lots of surface structure.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Mel...I love most all your fruits and veggy's, but I have to say I think the avacado and eggplant are on too dark a background. They need some "color" to bring out their colors...to make them stand out. :) Just my opinion, tho.


  4. I am loving your fruits and veggies. Your little paintings remind me of the paintings my son-in-law made for me for my birthday, except he painted fruits that are typical of Ecuador, where he is from. The red tree tomatoes are my favorite. You can see them here: http://andsewitgoes.blogspot.com/2008/04/birthday-gifts.html


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