Monday, July 14, 2008

Commission: Day 3

I must say that this daily or almost daily painting is the best way to get over all the fears or hangups that have been in my way over all these years. I feel completely relaxed now. So relaxed that I neglected to shoot these paintings when they were still on the easel. Duh. So I have tried to capture them flat on the drying table, and have encountered the glare off wet paint problem.

These red fruits were HEAVENLY to paint. Glossy and vibrant and intensely red. I went for happy on the tomato and dark and mysterious on the pepper. Fitting.

And for the banana, British Men's Club, with dark woods and lots of cigar smoke. Must make it reflect history.

As for the background colors, there are enough variations that it will be interesting and not matchy-matchy when hung as a group. I am glad I was challenged to do neutrals now, or I may not have gone with the darker backgrounds on some and this could have resulted in a different mood. I am hoping the set will look sophisticated.

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  1. Melody,

    Your commissions are looking fabulous!!! Is the 'commissioner' ('commissionee'?) going to hang them in a group? If money wasn't an object, I would love to have a group of these. After I become gainfully employed again I would love to buy a few. They are very charming. I like how the paintings show the beuaty of the simple things which enrich our food, and thus our lives. Like lemon juice. And garlic. Peppers and tomatoes. Onions. What would our food be like without these?

    Cheers and happy painting!

    Kristin in SC


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