Saturday, June 28, 2008

oil on gallery wrapped canvas 12x12x1"
I have many garden flowers to choose to paint, but I just can't bring myself to cut them and bring them into the studio. The daylily and sunflower are volunteers, so that made it easier.
I was particularly interested in the shadows cast by the flowers.
Note to self: I really must iron out the background fabric creases.


  1. It almost gives it a tiled wall feeling. Maybe you should leave them in there.

  2. I'm particularly interested in the reflections! Maybe I'm just nosey..but they really draw me in. I'm busy trying to "figure them out," as in, trying to see what's being reflected.

    Nice direction these days Mel.

    Country life does indeed suit you.

  3. First - the fabric creases really are great! They lend a wonderfully unusual linear quality that is absent in most still life paintings. I came too late to the party to take your physical classes, but watching your work progress in fabric or paint truly is a visual feast!!! Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge of art - fabric, paint, garden, etc. - with all of us.

    And many of us share the insecurity of being an "artist" whether the medium is paint, fabric or whatever. One of the qualities of your work that first drew me to your work was your use of color in fabric - they looked & felt like paintings!

    Melody - you rock!!!

  4. Melody,

    Another fabulous painting!!!!! I love all the color - the purples, the reds, the oranges. I like the combination of the orange daylily in the teal container, and it really looks like the flower is in the water. I agree with the previous comments about the creases in the fabric; I thought it was a tiled background.

    I now look forward each day to seeing your lovely new paintings. Thank you for sharing your work, your thoughts, and all the other info on your blog. Like the previous post, I also "came too late to the party to take any of your classes" (unfortunately). I would have loved to have taken a class with you. But I did get to take a class with Frieda Anderson at the end of May at the NC Quilt Symposium in Wilmington, NC. It was a great class, and fusing is such a neat technique.

  5. I'm with you.. much as I love all my little beauties... the only way I can bring them in is if I am saving them... like peonies from rain and kissing the ground... and I hear thunder... more rain.... every day. I will send some your way. I keep singing to it to visit you and my boys in the Carolina's, but it must not like the way I sing or the tune.

  6. Hi Melody

    I love your paintings, and I also loved watching your garden come into being. Would you be able to post some update pictures of how the garden is going?

    It is mid winter here in New Zealand, so some photos of flowers in the garden, or vegetables would be great!!

  7. I, too, really like the creases in the background. It really gives depth and interest to the painting. You're doing some fabulous work these days, Mrs. Mel!

  8. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Love this painting. I'am with you i can't bring myself to cut the flowers. I have lots of color inside so I like to see the color outside. I take lots of pictures of my flowers that how I get thru the winter.

  9. Don't iron the fabric - those lines really add to your composition. Love your paintings Melody- you are an inspiration

  10. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Your paintings are really really really nice. You've got a wonderful eye for color. Who knew? LOL.

    Good on you, Melody. I'm glad you bloomed where you were planted.



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