Monday, June 30, 2008

Leaning Left

Leaning Left
oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 6x12x1"
Is this a political statement? Perhaps. I had a great time painting these Yellow Delicious apples and the shiny red cherries. Everything just fell into place like butter. Not a bit of a struggle. I did the happy dance when I finished.

Maybe it's because I switched rooms in the morning and made my bedroom the studio and vice versa. I now have a neat nook to paint in with great Feng Shui.

I have my back to the corner and can see the stairs, and approaching visitors. Not that I will have many. In my other set up I had my back to the door which is not good. Plus that busy carpet in the other room is no longer a distraction. Now that I understand a bit more about Feng Shui, I can see that it is just common sense.

The table looks down on the living room and the ceiling slants on the other side of the railing.
All my painting equipment is consolidated and in a minute I will clear this of clutter too. In the garage I located my old pot lid rack and I am now using it to store finished available work. I hope I don't have to invest in too many of these.

I removed all the quiltmaking stuff (including my sewing table, and machine) which also helps me focus on just painting.

And now my new bedroom is really open and except for that icky carpet, just the way I like it.

I have three doors in that little room. One leads to another small balcony, where Popeye sleeps on a down sleeping bag. We all have our special place.


  1. Hi Dear, I'm loving the vibrant colors and enjoying your progress. It's great to back in the land of internet connections. I missed you.

  2. I love your paintings but miss your quilts!!! I hope you are not giving up fabric indefinitely though I do understand your current passion!

  3. What gorgeous colors on your quilt!

    Best, Kyra


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