Monday, June 16, 2008


Onions Sold

oil on gallery wrapped canvas 12x12x7/8"


The gallery wrapped canvas is closer to 3/4" deep but the label says 7/8".

Somehow my studio got pretty jumbled and messy and yesterday it reached a critical stage. I removed a table which was a clutter magnet, put away things and ended up cleaning up a closet at the same time. Was I procrastinating? Yes. But now the studio has more than a path to walk through. Decluttering is good for the nerves.

On Saturday we went into Chattanooga and I got three new brushes, more canvases and some new/old objects to paint, but when it came down to using the new items, I just couldn't. I am so dopey. They will sit here and age a few days, then be put to work.

I noticed that my recent backgrounds all looked similar so I dove into the stash to find some unlikely colored fabrics. I chose these colors to coordinate with the colors in the onions. Who knew I had onion colored fabrics?

Sunday was a good frog viewing day and I was lucky to capture these lazy guys. They just hang around basking in the sun and letting the flies come to them. They know how to live.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    'Onions' is fantastic! Love everything about it.

    Where is your black snake? Do you think he/she ate your turtle?

    Are those frogs the tadpoles you placed in the pond earlier?Wow, they are gorgeous.

  2. Liz in IN7:52 AM

    Loving the paintings. And the froggy montage. How are the 'skeeters around your pond?

    May I comment here on your thoughts from Saturday? on Art, Artists, and fear.

    I reecognize that critical voice--the one that says if I can't "make it" in whatever sphere I'm interested in, that there's no point in doing *anything* at all, in that sphere.

    But, if I *am* a painter--or writer, sculptor, quilter, gardener, whatever--then the joy, the affirmation, the (forgive me) "self-actualization" comes from the act of *doing what I am*. In being true to me, in not 'traveling in disguise' through my life.

    That is my definition of "success". The world and its opinions can go take a flying, I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course.

    Shakespeare had things to say about this (besides the "to thine own self be true" bit). He was speaking of poets, but I think it applies to all artistic endeavors:

    The True Duty of Poets: "To speak what we feel, not what we *ought* to say."


  3. think any of those good looking frogs could turn into a prince?

  4. I think the onions are my favorite so far. I would attribute that to the background colors which are more my style than the brights, but I think there is also a nice quality to the brush strokes in the onions. The white skinned onion is especially nice.

  5. Julia6:55 PM

    I've always enjoyed your quilts. And now your paintings are fabulous too.
    --Julia Graber

  6. I love the new onion work. And the frogs 9-patch. I think it could be a cool quilt!

    Kristin in SC

    P.S. I agree totally with your comments about art. I'm glad you have taken your power back in doing art. I love your work!

  7. The onions are great. It's so exciting to watch you bloom in a different medium, both with thought and brush. You're such an inspiration. And I love the frog collage. Connie

  8. Your paintings are lush and gorgeous. But I think I already said that. How about painting that froggie nine patch!


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