Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rocks Away!

From the first time I walked on this rock filled pathway I knew it was a mistake. Bumpy, slippery, and just plain awful. The previous owner put these down, bucket by bucket and finished the job just minutes before we saw the place.
I so didn't want to complain since I didn't want to have to move them myself. The rocks splash dust and mud up onto the foundation which Dave wants to paint, so without my urging, he got the idea to move them to the pond edge.

Now they are all gone, except for a few stragglers imbedded in the ground.

All those yucky rocks are now on the banks of the pond, keeping down the weeds and making the pond look landscaped.

So now the plan is to put woodchips down in the pathway, and logs steps going down the hillside, where the cucumbers and zucchini are growing nicely, so far... I am thrilled! What a man!


  1. My husband and I will be moving soon and was wondering if you and Dave would like to come down for a long vacation to the sunny state of Florida. Don't you both want to come to our place and help us get it all organized and pretty like you have been doing to yours?
    I can't believe all the work you have done! It looks wonderful from the pictures so I know it looks 10 times better in person. So if you ever feel the need to visit Come on down and don't forget your work gloves. :^)

  2. Good plan! It is looking great.

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Keep wood and chips away from the house - termites!

  4. I agree on the wood chips /termites - there are many more termite problems in southern homes - so be careful! Grass would be pretty on that little ledge, not good for mowing, but pretty to look at and walk on! Your yard is looking like a garden center display!

  5. Hmmmm the termite comment is certainly legitimate. Look up on some the landscaping sites and see if they have any new ideas.

  6. I was just wondering if the wood chips wouldn't also be slippery, just like the rocks?

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