Monday, May 05, 2008

Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille
This is a tomato blossom, from my Pink Brandywine tomato, still in its nursery pot. Imagine the size of the tomato this will produce! It looks more like a sunflower than a tomato.
Sweetbush blossoms. These are new to me, and are kinda hard papery things. Not at all what you would think of as blossomy. But with the morning light showing through them, they look just as delicate as a rose.
I love the buds of the Hosta Elegans that are forming now. Thick, sturdy and dripping with dew.
And the newest member of the family is this white iris, the first to open. WE are so pleased to have iris, and I have added two plants myself, a pink, and a lime green specimen.
Here's a neat trick: To see these pictures in their full size, click on the image and hit the F11 button to remove your menu bar temporarily. Wow! Then hit F11 to restore your normal page.


  1. gorgeous! thank you..

  2. Great Trick and great photos.
    Saw some photos of your quilts at the Denver show. They are on Flickr

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    To keep ants out of buildings here in Germany we use a plant called Weihrauch or Mottenkoenig - Plectranthus coleoides - one or two plants near the doors will keep ants and other insects out, and moths.

    Haven't the foggiest if you can get hold of it in Tennessee though.

    Bradford Copse - drool, want, want.

    Thank you.

  4. I thought that was a sunflower when your page first opened. Psych!
    But us mac users can't benefit from your little trick, unfortunately. Still great pix. I see a painting or a quilt forming somewhere in your brain...

  5. I too am drooooooling with envy. At one time I had at least 15 different colors of bearded iris and the iris borers killed all but 2. I keep trying. Same with the hostas. 11 deer in my suburban backyard last night help keep everything trimmed up nice and tidy.

    Twinnie Susan from Nerk

  6. Well! Aren't you just becoming the savy lil tech! lol Thanks for the tip, I love it!

    The irises are just beautiful.

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