Monday, May 19, 2008

One Day of Sun

And four days of rain. I am not complaining. The Rhodies are lovin' it and their sturdy blossoms are not disturbed by the deluge. When the sun came out everything woke up and looked perky.

The Gaillardia is perfect and a buddy is going to join this one soon.

We discovered a climbing rose under the Virginia Creeper which is wrapping itself around one of our trees. We have the creeper everywhere and are constantly trying to outwit it. We are way behind in this game.

This Calla lily was one of those Christmas bulbs that one is supposed to grow on a sunny windowsill. I just put the drooping thing in the ground and it responded like mad. I must cut off the old leaves. On one of my many trips to California I saw these growing like hedges along the Central Coast. How lovely to have a representative here in my garden.

The rain abated for the morning and we almost got the landscape timber surround of our last bed done. I say almost because a storm brewed up in an instant and we had such a downpour that is seemed like a hurricane. Across the road the sun was shining and one could clearly see the sheets of rain from the porch. It was so dramatic, and then it was all over. Bing!

With so many days of rain, we wondered how the new fishies were doing.
They are just fine. I counted 16 in one group and a few others were swimming singly. We have 7000 tadpoles, and a few fish babies that may be catfish...they have feathery things around their tiny heads. Everyone is coexisting peacefully. And so are we.


  1. Judy Sall8:43 AM

    I'll take the Virginia Creeper! I have been unsuccessful in getting them to grow here, and have plenty of room for them to if the wind would only die down long enough for them to get rooted...
    Your garden is just gorgeous, Melody... I am really enjoying the pix!


  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hello Melody,

    I've been lurking for quite a while. I came for the quilting, etc. but I sure have been enjoying your diversion. Journaling your gardening exploits has been quite entertaining.

    I just wanted to comment. Its great fun coming here.


  3. Melody, I am certainly enjoying your 'adventures' in your new home.....and really appreciate this post...aren't we all just making a place for the next people? In our own little ways, of course. I love your quilts and now, I am loving reading about your life. Thanks for sharing. Now to read about your brother! Pat at birdnestontheground


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