Friday, May 16, 2008

The Johnson Department of Natural Resources
What is this? A bag of goldfish from Walmart.
Yes, 20 goldfish @28 cents each. What a deal.
We first let them acclimatize and then we released them into the pond
It was raining and I know it is hard to see the fish. I walked out there this morning to see if any were belly up, and none were, so we are hoping they like it here.
We have been having our meals out on the porch, even tho it is cold and raining. It's like camping without all the inconveniences.
A delayed Cinco de Mayo meal with fresh strawberry margaritas. And a nap, what else?


  1. Those goldfish will be two feet long in no time! Happy diez y seis!

  2. Not to mention those fish will breed like bunnies! We have a rain-water retention pond here at our little condo development and it started out just like you have. It is SWARMING with fish just 7 years later!! We have a Blue Heron who likes to fish from the fountain float when it's off but he hasn't even put a dent in the number of fish.

    Hmmmmm- Margaritas!!


  3. I hope your 4 legged critters don't eat too many fish - coons love them!!!

  4. My word - your second photo looks like a piece of art! I thought it WAS a new quilt-y/embellished something or other until I actually READ it. 8-)

  5. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I wish that you'd learn to enjoy retirement.. and nature, and the outdoors, and the random 'nap' act. If Popeye doesn't take to chasing the little fish, I'll bring you an abby or six..

  6. Lynne in Hawaii11:03 PM

    Oh my...not a nap but a siesta! LOL!


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