Friday, May 09, 2008

Closing Day

Today the buyers are taking possession of our old house in Cary IL...we hope. This is the second set of buyers and we have signed all the papers and it looks very positive, but one never knows.
I hope I am not jinxing anything. Eeeek.
We listed the house March 2007, and held our breath until we turned blue, and then went ahead and moved away. So much good has happened to us since then that this sale is kinda anticlimactic.
Of course you know all that has gone on here in TN if you read the blog, but the unseen and most important thing is the improvement in our health. Physical and mental.
Dave is doing so much better here, and suffers so much less from Parkinson's than he did back in IL. Why?
Stress, as you have heard is a killer. But what we didn't realize is how much stress we lived with on a daily basis.
1. Work
2. Traffic, both land and air
3. Congestion
4. Noise
5. Neighbors
6. Sirens and Barking Dogs at 3 am
7. Lack of privacy
8. Cost of living
9. Keeping up with the Joneses
10. Having to look at the mess the Joneses are making with their lives

It took a while to let go of all that, but watering the garden in my pajamas, while waving at the passing motorcyclists as they relish our mountain scenery on their vacation trip makes me realize that I live in vacation land.
So happy mortgage paying, New Buyers, and enjoy the house in good health. I hope you like red!


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Proof of how unstressed you are is that you didn't fret over the first unsuccessful sale of the IL home, instead trusting and being patient. I think self-induced stress has a lot to do with our desire for instant gratification.

  2. Judy Sall8:39 AM

    Boy, can I relate to your comments re: stress! Hubby and I escaped from L.A. to Flagstaff 5 years ago, and the stress-level has been really reduced, along with improvements in our health. Congrats on the sale of your old home, and keep enjoying your new world!


  3. It would be wonderful if everyone could enjoy the low-stress life we are lucky enough to live.



  4. Thinking of you today and hoping it all goes smoothly, as planned!

  5. Yay! for your house being sold...finally. BUt an even bigger YAY! to hear how much your new lifestyle is making your new lives better! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Candy in CA

  6. Greetings from another vacation land.

    I have followed your blog for a long time, and it has been good to see how it all suddenly 'clicked' for you.

  7. I'm sooooo pleased and happy that you and Dave are enjoying a stress-free, productive, and full-filling life here in Tennessee. It's a delight to read of your discoveries and revelations. Thank you.

  8. Hey Melody,

    How cool is that!!!! I'm in the process of trying to sell my house in the mountains. I just can't get there enough and mountain living is high maintenance. I got snowbound - 18" in 12 hours - hadn't had that since I left Illinois!!

    I'm so pleased that your health is better and you're so content. That's what life is all about - really!!

    My best for a wonderful life!!

  9. I'm so glad you love your new home!
    Lots of garden stuff now, - a sit should be when spring is in the air.
    I stubled over this today and thought about you and inspiration for long winterdays when the garden may not only be where all the creativity goes?
    Happy mothersday, - to a mother of beautiful quilts, gardens and lots of inspiration :-)


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