Saturday, April 26, 2008

Continuity, Dependability and Hope

Autumn Joy Sedum, a plant that is so dependable that I have come to respect and love it. It has proven itself to be a stalwart friend in my IL garden so it is no surprise that it will have a major presence in this new garden design: 19 specimens. In my childhood, observing it while walking to school, I thought it was only for city yards, where old people had them up against the sidewalk. Now that I am an 'old people' myself I realize their value, coming back every year, forming neat round clumps and producing a pink flower turning to red in the fall.

And then there's Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower, aka Mexican Blanket Flower. I have hope of getting these to grow and flourish here. Not so much in my old garden where either the soil, competition from other plants or insufficient watering prevented them from returning after one season of miserable attempts at flowering. They will have a special place here, and get CARE from me, and maybe, just maybe I will have a return visit next year. 3 specimens.

Lupines. Last year at Mars Hill NC I saw individual plants that were huge. Robust, dazzling, not spindly, wimpy lupines like the ones I grew. So I figure something about the soil or the weather here in the South will make these respond better. They look great even without the flowers, but I do hope we'll get similar abundant blooms from these three, Lady Chatelaine.

Georgia Belle Peach.
Now here is where hope really comes in. Let's have lots of rain, and bright sun in between and maybe the bugs will leave these alone and all will come to fruition.
I plan to be a good steward of what is under my care here at the Mexican Chalet, and the rest is up to God.


  1. I love lupine but have had very little luck. I got it to come back one year, that was it.
    I did have better luck with the will be on its third year if Stretch doesn't keep trying to pull it because he thinks it's a weed.... come to think of it... I don't think I saw it yesterday... I better go look.

  2. Thanks for the photo of the lupine! I saw one in my yard today and didn't know what it was. I almost pulled it up but then thought maybe it wasn't a weed. Thank you - you've saved the life of a lupine!
    You and Dave have been so busy and your yard is looking wonderful. You are an inspiration - again!

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