Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweater for a One Armed Sock Monkey?

front..............................................................................back view
Not exactly, altho it might fit one. About two years ago my quilting friend who knits (shocking, I know) Jeri Riggs ( who might be my twin, except for the fact that she is a petite MD. with red hair) showed a top down diagonal striped sweater on her blog and I just had to have the pattern. Since she designed it herself, she sent it to me so I could beta test it.
Being excitable, I gleefully began reading the pattern and almost immediately my eyes glazed over. There were fractions in the form of percentages (she is smart, did I mention that?) and that would require measuring, fate worse than death. Right up there with gauge swatching.
I put it aside...until yesterday, when having drunk too much coffee, I felt ready to conquer a challenge.
Using my leftover sock yarn, I carefully only printed out the first pages of directions, leaving the pages with the % signs unprinted. I followed her perfectly clear recipe and came up with something that required measuring---Honestly I didn't see it coming!
Did I mention I can't follow directions? It's a fatal flaw. So I ripped out the start and restarted following my instincts (aka reptilian brain). This is not necessarily a better idea, it is just, um, familiar. I know I did this sometime before, so it felt... right.
Her directions have great pictures and that really helped the slow learner in me. Even tho I wasn't doing her sweater exactly, I was close and I could fake it.
One makes the yoke, puts the sleeve stitches on waste yarn and finishes the body. Later the sleeves are extended, added to and finished. I could see mitering coming and you know I love me a miter.

OK I admit the sleeves are a tad too long, but when I added the sides and bottom to the sleeve top, I didn't account for the length. I was more into solving the puzzle. Her directions offer several options, including finished pictures.
I asked Jeri if she would offer this pattern on her blog. Her answer:
If anyone wants the complete pattern, I'd be happy to sell it, and if they can figure it out from your posts, that would be fine, too. I have a paypal account. I can send pdfs.
I know I have made it clear as mud. If you would like the real pattern, visit her blog and leave a comment.


  1. Melody, have just seen your knitting and it reminded me of what l called a firework jumper that was made of squares and oblongs and as long as you had colour wool for one line so it matched it came out good but it was just made of those shapes and there was a hood if you wanted it but it used up all your bits of wool, l can draw you the pattern out if you let me know.
    But the real reason was that do you know the quilter that had a mobile design wall on her blog as now l want one done l have lost the blog,


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