Saturday, March 15, 2008


This is what I would LOVE our pond to my dreams.

Perhaps a little waterfall, making nice bubbling sounds, while the koi (can barely see them here) swim around elegantly.
Surrounded by lovely plantings, and an edge to sit upon, and dangle my toes in the water...
I may settle for a pint sized version, one that could be kept free of all the falling leaves, and maybe even heated to keep the goldfish happy all winter.
These are all pictures borrowed from the internet. I need a miracle worker to make any of these happen. A miracle worker with a big checkbook.


  1. Wow, I thought that first photo was from your place, it looks so similar.

    Keep dreamin. It wont happen otherwise....

  2. If I were you, I would prioritise getting it deeper (deeper equals a more stable water), after that a UV water filter so the water stays clean and sweet (with all those ducks doing what ducks do this is a real danger that it will turn nasty) an area 5' deep (here in the UK 3')or more in the middle should mean there will always be an area at the bottom of the pond for fish to survive the winter even when the pond freezes. A manual filter which you clean out should take care of a lot of the decomposing leaves. Trees are good round a pond as shade helps the water not to go off even though they send a lot of debris down into it. You can now get these UV filters which are solar powered and at the same time solar powered floating lights! This makes it all look so pretty at night.
    And if you can wire off an area so the ducks don't get to it, how about some water lilies? Once they are really established they'll be tough enough to fend off the ducks.
    That first pond looks so pretty but you can do a half way house with only having on edge of the pond like that (you still want access for the ducks and other wildlife. Put gravel or bigger stones on the other side to cover up the edges. Within a few years (or earlier if you buy in plants)it should look really established and loose that man made look. Make sure you always use aquatic compost (again to stop the water going off).
    Have fun,

  3. I thought it was your pond, too and I was wondering what program you used to add the stones around it.

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

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  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Ms Mel,
    You can a pond like the first picture. It really does look like yours too. Buy the stones and get a handy person to lay them for you, of course you will need all the underpinnings for the stones as well.

    Lots of people make their own garden ponds looking like that and Sally above has given you some good info. Of course, you know where to find such info too....the internet of course.
    Happy Ponding.

  6. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Hey! I never thought of heating a pool for goldfish. what a great idea! Our horse trough has a heater built into the bottom, it wouldn't be that difficult to dig a hole for it and put in some pavers...
    Thanks for the idea.
    - Laura


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