Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Google Reader
I have decided to take advantage of Google Reader, a service which will post my favorite updated blog entries directly in my email. I won't have to go to sites to see if they have been updated, or scroll through my current blog updating service, which is always two days late with updates. The current entries come up with the comments and comment box right there. This makes it so much faster to read and respond with a comment, so all the blogs I read will be getting more comments from moi in the future. The one other benefit is that the pictures and text are BIG. So many blogs have 'arty' text, meaning small and faint. Why? I have no idea. I like to be able to ACTUALLY SEE THE TEXT when I visit.
I have removed the blog links from my sidebar, SORRY EVERYONE, but they were there for my convenience mostly, and you already know who you like to read...
Garden update: It looks like everything survived the snow and sub-freeze except the nasturtiums. And even they may come back, as the second set of leaves are still viable. Yesterday we were warned that it would get down to 28 so I covered everything imaginable with big Rubbermaid Tubs. That took the worry out of my night.
Just for fun take a look at this Peep Show sent to me by Darla German.


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    OH NO........i used your blog to get to those on your sidebar.....sorry you eliminated them. Linda in Lansing

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Me too. Put the links back! After all, I found your blog via someone else's links.

    I tried Google Reader -- sloppy, too much trouble, gives me only a small section of the blog, yes, it's current, but not the "big" picture of the blogger's week/flow of activity.

    I like to read about 10 different blogs every 2-3 days, I just save the links in my Favorites "Blogs" folder, easy to click down for each one. Easy to scan several days worth of each person's blog.

    I'm not sure why you think pictures and text are BIG -- part of the screen is taken up/wasted by the Google sidebar.

    Maybe you just mean it's easier for you as the Blogger to use. For readers (unless we are reading via mobile) it's not very user friendly.

  3. I use both, the links list is useful for my readers if they want to try a different blog and is an essential part of the blog, the google reader lets me catch up with all my regular blogs without having to go through each one to see if they have posted anything new. If you are only following 10 or so blogs then favourites works but I follow over 100 so the reader is good for me.

  4. Another RSS reader convert! I find my RSS reader service Bloglines is an invaluable way for me to keep up to date with blog reading, especially for those blogs that post irregularly or erratically.

    In a vain attempt to declutter my sidebar, I recently moved my blog roll to a separate page of my WordPress blog. Shame that you can't easily do the same in Blogger.

  5. PS: I see that you have placed your blog roll into a post and link to it from your sidebar so people can still see your list. (A small downside to using a RSS reader is that you are reading some posts outside their blog format and you sometimes miss out when the blog owner has made changes to their layout. And I KNOW how much you like to rearrange furniture!)

  6. I hate to say it, but I was doing the same. I would start by reading your blog & then go to your list of links. I guess I'll have to see if I can find them for myself now. I guess it is an excuse for spending more time at the computer - I have to search to see if I can remember the names of all of Melody's linked blogs! :)

    Thank goodness I already had bookmarked Brookes' so I have that one. I like what she has been doing. Plus she is living in Asia so I kinda feel a bit of a link to her :)

  7. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I, too, would read your blog and went to many of your links. I cannot find some of them now...makes me sad. Please think about re-instating them. I don't like to spend too much time at the computer and it was great to use your sidebar. Maybe I will have more time to sew now!!!


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