Monday, May 29, 2006

Where's Dave??

Is he out taking a spin?

No car in the driveway.

Um. Aren't the peonies nice this year?

He's not havin' a snooze.

What about the back garden?

He's not hiding here either.

Popeye decides to join the search for Dave.

A sharp scent is detected... could it be?


O there you are! Hi Honey. Why aren't you blogging? Inquiring minds want to know.

Because the flowers are so sweet and one must stop and smell them?

Yup. That must be why.


  1. What kind of flowers are those? I love the texture! Cute hubby and cute kitty!

  2. I recognize those clematis. Your yard/garden looks wonderful. Ours has half of a tree broken into it from next door. The storms were bad while we were gone.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM


    Is that the Clematis you just purchased? It is absolutely!

    What does Dave think he is doing?

  4. A "Hi" to Dave. We all knew he was enjoying being home with you and the garden and Popeye. I'll just keep checking his site for when he's ready to be with the rest of us.

  5. O you are such a tease, Mrs Mel. Those peonies look wonderful!

    Shirley in New Zealand

  6. Diane3:50 PM

    As long as YOU know where he is, that's all that matters!

    Those flowers (all of them) are beautiful!

  7. It's good to see that both Dave and Popeye are relaxed and enjoying the garden.
    The peony's are sensational.

  8. Say hey to Dave. We miss him, but he looks like he is enjoying the rest. What is that last flower? I love it!!~

  9. Is that last flower a passionflower? All of them are gorgeous.
    I think that is the first photo of Dave I have seen where he wasn't smiling.

  10. The flowers are all so Dave, hmmm ..he looks like he's in a pissy mood lol....

  11. Clematis and popeye and Dave-Oh my! Is that Dave in his Lady Chatterley's Gardeners pose? Have fun-we're all in the garden planting Hibiscus and tomato and Moonflowers with a side of geraniums and the occasional Marguerita(no salt)and icy cold Coronas. the flower beds are a little lopsidded but we're happy.

  12. Popeye is gorgeous! Far more handsome than his namesake! Prrrrrrr.....


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