Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank you all
I am very, very happy to be back in the art saddle again. Looking at the calendar last Saturday and thinking I only have a week before I must get back to work...has made me realize what I can accomplish if I put my little mind to it. Let that be a lesson to me.
I regret reporting that I have backed out of the offer to teach in Ireland and Scotland this September. Through no fault of the kind and patient organizers, but my own foolishness, I reduced my fees and ignored the costs involved in getting all my 'stuff' over there, for the sake of my imaginary holiday in the British Isles. When the clear light of day finally hit me, I realized that breaking even is not what being the bread winner at Chez Johnson is all about. Someday I will be able to visit, but until vast sums of money fall into my lap, I must pay attention to reality. As it is, I have a very light schedule this summer, when I usually am working all the time, so one cannot have a vacation from not working.
Darling David says: Make more quilts this summer, they will eventually be income.
What a guy!


  1. That's a shame as I know how much you want to see England and the rest of the UK! I'm so nationalistic! The girls from Scotland and Wales will be having an epi if they read this! Grin

  2. I'm so sorry that you can't do the British Isles! Their loss, too. You will get there eventually!

  3. ohhh, what a disappointment for both you and the ladies over there. Britian is expensive. Been there done that..but I have family there. Too bad a better price couldn't be negotiated. Something to keep in mind if you do get to go in the future. It's a very long trip, like 8 or 9 hours. Traveling first class is highly recommended.


  4. How bout that David? He's a righteous dude! True it is a bummer but you will get there at some point.Sounds like a grueling summer! making more quilts.......well it's harder for me to be inside doing anything in the summer...but if anybody can do it I know you can!!!!!love the final unquilted result by the way!!!Have to visit your site everyday now!!


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