Monday, June 06, 2005

Quiltlets Part Deux

I finished embroidering and quilting the rest of my quiltlets, and have posted them below with titles, to make it easier to reference in emails. Thanks for all your enthusiastic response. I had such a wonderful time making them and of course now I am thinking about doing this as a class... I need a fun title.
Anyway, here are the next bunch, with a repeat or two, since I have much better photos now.

Stilt Houses Series #1 Waves (the title is bigger than the quilt! hahaha)

Stilt House Series #2 The Jetson's Neighbors


Stilt Houses Series #3 House Boats


Stilt House Series #4 Red Desert Retreat

*Sold to Mary M.

Spring Green

*Sold to Mary L.

Red Party (better photo)

Bruce the Blue Spruce

Stilt House Series #5 Designs for Living *sold to

Four Squared #1 (better photo)

* Sold to Liz
Four Squared #2
To get the better photos, I put the quilts in a brighter spot and set up my camera on a tripod, to avoid the fuzzy hand held look. It worked much better that way.


  1. Mel,

    Hope things are fixed soon.

    I think you've already named this class:

    Creating Bliss. Spontaneous construction of small framable quilts.

  2. Or, for the fans of long names: The Smallest Expressions Leave the Biggest Impressions.

  3. I love, love, love Spring Green and Bruce, the Spruce. Well done (no surprises there ;-)

    I think I'll try those some time too!

  4. Love your little quilts.

    The Stilt House Series are really fun, love number 2.

    Think you will do well with workshops.

  5. Mel, I love the all! I like the title Debra suggested. When I work small on my postcards it is usually very blissful :)

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