Sunday, May 15, 2005

The North Atlantic Coastline

I couldn't wait to get out of the car to take a picture of the Maine coastline. It is just unbelievably beautiful, and rocky and pinetree populated and did I mention rocky? I was in the company of fellow blogger Deb and Kate who first took me to see their wonderful art quilt exhibit at the Little Dog Cafe in (insert correct name of town here) and then we went to Natasha Kempers Cullen's new art gallery-house named LOCA (Left of Center Arts) which she co-owns with three other arty gals.
I was overwhelmed with the art, the historic and scenic campus of Bowdoin (sp?) College and the beauty of Maine in Spring. Trust me the flowers are out everywhere, but I saved my remaining pixels for the ROCKS.

You just don't see rocks like this along the Fox River in IL.

O sure they are gray, but the texture calls out to me in terms of stitchery and line...I am so inspired, and can't wait to see what this leads me to make.

It may be the horizontals under the verticals that excite my imagination. I am always on the lookout for compositional ideas. Layout is everything.

I love everything about this rock face, except for that phallic pipe at the base.

After we looked at the rocks we went to Cook's seaside restaurant for my first Maine Lobster dinner. It was RED, and had copious amounts of butter, and BROCCOLI, so I was happy. You will probably see a picture sometime today of my Lobster dinner on Deb's blog. My dinner mates are wonderful intelligent artistic women and I felt so lucky to be enjoying my free time with them. I must have talked a lot (good guess) as my throat is a bit dry this morning.

I am now in Auburn ME where I will be teaching PowerStrip Sets, a rilly fun and easy (for me) class. I plan to be sedate and reserved today...I am a whipped puppy from all the excitement.


  1. Mmmmm, glad you save your food allotment of pixels for the moldy strawberry. Glad you are having fun!

  2. Those are great rock face pictures, Melody. They do relate to your stitching and background construction (as I was stalking your website yesterday picking apart things to appropriate in the future without realizing it). Glad you had fun with Deborah (and Kate). It's always so nice when people are superfantastic online and in person.

  3. Wow - great rocks! So layered and folded.
    I've got some colourful rocks on this and following webpages - they may be of some inspiration too!
    This guy has some great rock pics too:
    but again you have to look at various pages.

  4. Love the rocks and their textures! Sounds like you had a great trip!


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