Sunday, May 15, 2005

Class-y Strippers

One day's work from a fast learner!

Rail Fence Variation

Another great piece, which is way better than my sample!

The afternoon's exercise, done by Kate, who had to be my demo-guinea pig all day.

Hidden Wells Variations, there were 5 more to come, but they didn't make it to the finish line for this shot. I am certain they did finish, however.
We all had a great time and took advantage of the grand ballroom at the Fireside Inn, where we
had wonderful lighting and plenty of plugs, for all of our irons, of course.
I am having a day off in Maine tomorrow with the great Mary Ellen Sheehy and then returning home in time for dinner, if the weather, and my flight cooperates.


  1. Ah, this must be what the 40 blocks that Deborah mentioned were for. I must try my own version of this. They are so vibrant and crazy. It's amazing the variations that everyone gets.

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