Friday, May 20, 2005

Getting out from under...

I was down in the dumps yesterday, and took advantage of my coffee time with Frieda to unload. That helped somewhat but still I had to apply a little retail therapy and got three cotton tee shirts at Target (a bargain at 50% off) and then came home.
My grumpiness faded further with your encouraging comments to yesterday's post, so I figured I would strap on my mp3 player and do a little my studio.

I have found that loud music in my head makes it pretty near impossible to think negatively, or shall I say just think, that it actually redirects my energies, and I find I can put things away, sweep floors and gather stuff that belongs elsewhere, with enthusiasm.

I discovered that a cleared off worksurface is like a shot of adrenalin. Wow! So I got out the good stuff, the Wonder-Under and started fusing up some silks for a new quilt. I found a bunch of Thai Silk in vibrant teal, gold, purple and fucshia, along with some wonderful hand dyed lengths that have been despumating for several years, and fused them all. I trimmed off sections and began fusing them together and placing them on the design wall and soon I felt actual happiness filling my void.

Ha! What a nice discovery. Getting back to working lifts the spirits. Duh. It also infected the brain with some DEEP THOUGHTS.

Achievement requires risk taking.
Risk taking results in experience.
Experience builds confidence.
Confidence results in Achievement.

Now I don't usually find things like this floating around in the cranial hemisphere, but it really did happen while I was busily creating.

Looking at what I built yesterday, I am not too impressed. However with all the knowledge that compostions can be sliced and diced, rearranged and removed, I feel confident that something good will come out of what got started yesterday.


  1. Sang along with old Aretha tune...I might be blue, but I won't be blue always, the sun will surely shine in my back door someday...

    I always say you can't keep a good woman down and all that jazz, and Mrs. Mel you are certainly all that jazz! ;) hangeth in and I can't wait to see what you will do with these silks you fused yesterday.

  2. I bought 3 cotton tshirts at target on Monday. On sale (but I don't think half off). Two have absolute killer v necks in them that redirect attention away from less flattering aspects of my physiology (especially if I ever put on a good bra).

    That's where I bought my MP3 player.
    (and that will probably be an Oh My God How Did I Live Without It purchase).

    And music does help with cleaning.

    And clean workspace does encourage creativity.

    Glad that worked your way through blues to something approximating bliss.

  3. Oh Melody, I was shocked, shocked to learn that you could have doubts...You, a goddess...
    I can get so negative... the loud music is an inspiration. I hope I remember it when next those voices begin their chants...Thank you for that.
    About retail therapy, I scored Liz Claiborne t-shirts at Costco for $12 and Docker capris for $19.
    I can't wait to see your new work.

  4. Blues are so we can feel the joy later. Truly no better therapy than coffe with a friend, followed by retail, music, and a creativity session.
    Technical question, when fusing silk, you just use a very low heat and it works the same? Jen

  5. Mrs. Mel...I certainly can understand the ups and downs of what we are trying to do. After 3 1/2 months, I've finished the Martin project and sent it off to the Museum. It was like saying goodbye to a that I was really ready to say goodbye to though. I'm just starting to clean up the mess in the studio. It's depressing to look at, but I know I'll get through it somehow. I bought a bottle of Chi-Chi's Rum Runners (already made...just add ice!) That should help!

  6. Anonymous9:33 AM

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