Thursday, March 17, 2005

Update on Portable Design Wall

Lindi kindly sent the following answers concerning her portable design wall which I pictured here a few days ago. Note: I misrepresented the covering as fleece when in reality it is white felt

There is a pvc pipe across the bottom about 4-6 inches from the floor. It is attached to the sides with a t-connector. You can't see it as the felt is over it. The insulation sheets have been slid down from the top between the c-clamps and rest on the bottom pvc pipe. One sheet just sits on top of the other. One can cut the top one shorter to make it the desirable height. All the pvc pipes are glued to the connectors EXCEPT the top pieces. That way, if one wants to change the insulation pieces eventually, if they get gouged up, you can just remove the top of the frame, slide the insulation out, and slide in new sheets. Also, I covered the insulation AFTER the design wall was assembled. I just pinned it to the top and sides and slid it under the c-clamps. Hope this helps! It is hard to put into words what pictures and demos can show! I'm so excited that people are interested. Maybe this will inspire other quilt artists to have great design areas! Lindi

See, now I was certain the sheets were vertical instead of horizontal. I must learn to think more imaginatively.


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